Plagiarism and Now Free Advertising

I have been reading comments put up today but I am really sick and can barely get out of bed to get a drink. I am sure it is stress related; just run down I suspect. My brother had this flu first, then my mom I thought I got lucky and it missed me.

I certainly can not afford to miss work right now and pray I will experience a miraculous healing by tomorrow morning.

I wanted to respond to a couple of things going on. One of which is the promoting of books by other people on my site. One person emailed me about mentioning her book on my site. I thought about it and approved her comment. To be honest I don’t recall who it was of the two women who have promoted their material.

I was a little preoccupied at the time and didn’t think it through. I was thinking, if there is something out there that might help someone I am not going to stand in the way.

I should have stuck with my first gut reaction and refused instead of wanting to be fair. I haven’t written a book so thought it isn’t taking anything away from me. But in essense it is; I have poured my heart and soul into this site, I have never made a dime from it. I get an average of close to a thousand hits a day, one day I reached 3,444 hits. Strictly from a business stand point; that is alot of free advertising for someone wanting to promote something; I should never ever let someone promote for free. But on the same note it is my site and before I allow anyone to promote their book or whatever I should approve the content. God only knows what someone could be touting, I have to realize the responsibilty attached to having a blog and the people who visit it.

You know I was going to do a whole post on this and the fact that my material has been plagiarized but I am so sick, I am going to lay back down.

Thank you everyone for defending my site and what it stands for. You are all right and it is your site as much as it is mine.

My apologizes to whoever emailed me for not thinking it through before approving your comment.

Ok all I am going to lie down.

Hope you all had a good mom’s day.

11 thoughts on “Plagiarism and Now Free Advertising

    1. Carrie

      Lorie, even before I met JC I had people tell me I should write a book, it has crossed my mind. If I ever did though it would not change what we have here.
      When my ex found my blog he accused me of thinking I was the “Guru of Narcissism” lol
      I don’t have any answers only my own personal experiences. If I could make a dew dollars off of them it certainly wouldn’t hurt my feelings, but it obviously is not my top priority or do I think I could retire off the proceeds. Lol


  1. ellie2013

    We will keep defending you Carrie. And this wonderful place. You and it mean the world to us all. The day YOU decide to write a book I will be the first in line 🙂 What offended me most truthfully , was someone taking it upon themselves to speak on YOUR behalf and tell US what you would or wouldn’t want. Never seen you mince words with any of us and ever get anyone to do your talking for you. I KNEW we would hear from you, just sorry you had to get out of a sick bed to respond. Praying for that miracle you need. Get well and Happy Mom’s day to you too.

    ((( Hugs ))))


  2. missouriflower

    So sorry hon to hear about your latest troubles. Hope you get well soon, and sorry to hear about this person taking advantage of you. :>( Big hugs and best wishes!


  3. The Heretic

    Hope you feel better.

    I’ve had a sore throat for a while, even had to perform my persuasive speech during the speaking festival on Friday on just medicine and cough drops.


  4. freedwithin

    We will all keep defending you carrie because you have poured your heart and soul into it and in doing so we all felt we could. I would NEVER have a problem if yourself wanted to make a living out of believe me i feel you earnt it. You have saved so many women…who have they helped?? other than themselves and maybe now they go to press maybe others..but whos to say your site hasnt helped in that for them. I am gutted for you, simply as i see a fantastic site, filled with emotions and someone doing all that just because…your a wonderful lady carrie and i have prayed you get well…sooner rather than later…and if anyone else wants to promote things on here…i think the least that can happen is you give profit from any sales a split to carrie…the work she does is amazing.x


  5. Ray's Mom

    Carrie, you have such a tender heart and caring soul for others. Save some for yourself. I pray for you dear that you are safe and doing well. Please do take care of you, get well and most of all love yourself – we do. (Including your readers in that statement, I know they love you too).
    Hugs and have a warm cup of lemon tea……with honey, two aspirins and lots of rest. That is the prescription from “Mom”.


  6. ladywithatruck

    Betty, thank you. I think I am on the road to recovery. My mom and brother were both sick for weeks with tjid flu but it seems I got lucky.
    It is very rare for me to get sick, and when I do I can almost always connect it to being stressed. God:s way of making me sit back and take a break.



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