I noticed people have been showing an interest in personality tests so I thought I would provide a link to a site where you can take a variety of personality tests.

They can be done on line and printed.

Personality tests are fun to do; I wasted an hour taking different tests this morning.

The best one I ever took which is not available free on line is the “Colours” personality test. I took it years ago when I took a 3 week course sponsored by the government. The course was for people who had worked for a company for years and now were unemployed. They had “on the job training” but no formal education.
The government had a brilliant epiphany that people would stay at and do better at a job they enjoy and had a natural talent for. So they came up with this course where they helped you find a career more suited to your interests, aptitudes and personality.
This one test was all the rage back then, it was called “Colours” and took two days to complete.  In the end you were in one of 5 categories, I think they were blue, green, red, orange and yellow. It doesn’t matter; I was blue with a high score in green which meant I was highly sensitive, a people person, yet introverted at the same time, artistic, organized, a leader, with an appreciation for nature and an optomistic outlook on life. My suggested career choices were Event Planner, Life Skills Coach, Landscaping, Counsellor, Fund Raiser, Teacher. Then the government made me take Business Management because that was where all my experience was. Lol
Typical of the government. I hated being locked up in an office all day and never did get a job in office management.

Anyway, I got side tracked again.

In this course they cautioned that a person may score heavy in an area at that time but their score could change a few years later depending on what is going on in their life or experience in life.

For example before the N you might have answered a question like, “I believe in the ultimate good in all people” true ……..false.”
With true.
But now you may not believe that to be true.
Or maybe you have always been a high energy person but now you can barely drag yourself off the couch.
A year from now you would answer alot of the questions differently. So although these tests are fun to take and especially fun to answer for the exN, just remember you are not your true self right now and get down on yourself. You are a work in progress, after JC I felt I was stripped of everything that made me, me. I was unsure of everything, numb, lacking joy in life, unable to make decisions, uncertain I was even likeable. It took along time before I felt comfortable in social situations.
It has taken me two years to rebuild myself from the ground up. It is a rather unique and imteresting experience because you get to choose or discard traits that you may not have liked about yourself before.

I believe a person’s basic personality stays the same throughout life; they may work at changing certain aspects; like I am basically a shy person but I have worked at becoming more outgoing. Every personality test I have taken scores me high in the introverted category which surprises many people but not me, my core is still quite shy. I enjoy my alone time and have to be very aware of the fact that I can quite happily stay home alone for days and not seek the company of other people. It is good to enjoy your own company but a person needs friends and to interact with other people also.
I enjoy people but I have noticed that the more interaction with people I have on my job the more I need my alone time during my off hours and that never changes. What does change is that if I am going through a bad time emotionally I will isolate myself until I sort through my emotions which can be a bad thing because I then tend to get consumed with my problems. Personality tests can be a great tool for understanding yourself and finding areas you need to be aware of.

I caution everyone to not tell the N you took the Narcissist personality test for him and he should check it out. For one thing he is not going to answer it honestly, he won’t have an epiphany and go, “Omg!! I am a narcissist, I must change my ways!!”
The narcissist will be enraged that you could think he is flawed in any way and will in turn take the test for YOU and guess what!! You will score way higher than him ( as far as he is concerned ) and he will start attributing the traits to you and telling you and anyone else who will listen to him that YOU are the narcissist.

You can take the test for him for your own peace of mind and you can take it yourself to assure yourself that you aren’t a narcissist but keep in mind; if you are concerned you might be a narcissist – you aren’t. If a person is a narcissist he will never admit it or even consider it a possibility; he sure the hell isn’t going to see it as a bad thing and change.

That said, have fun with it!
Have a great lazy Sunday! Its a beautiful day here and I am going to enjoy working outside.

May your day be filled with peace, serenity, and love.


Posted by Carrie Reimer the Lady WithaTruck

3 thoughts on “Take a personality test

  1. Nadine

    How very true Carrie… About 3-4 months ago when I discovered Narcissism, I did the test in his behalf… And yep, sure as shit, he was high… Stupid me got him to do it and guess what… That’s right, he scored lower than me!!!! He did it on my ipad so I could click the back button and went thru the pages, most of them were blatant lies… I pointed thus out to him, but no, I was the N and I was turning things around and I was doing this and that and everything else he’d just read in the test!!! F*ckin moron he is!!! Lying prick!!! Oxygen theif… Ahhhhhh that’s better… Have an awesome day…


  2. Cindy

    So did i Carrie. The first link you posted has many tests. I took one on emotional intelligence.
    According to them, I scored better than 91.7% of the ppl that had taken the test…What is that supposed to mean? I am in tune with emotions, just gullible? LOL

    When I get some time, I want to take the personality test.
    This is kind of fun. Perhaps I will learn something about myself.

    Have a Great Sunday Girls~ God is watching over each and everyone of us !!!


  3. Connie

    Lol…you guys crack me up. I also had found the personality test site some weeks ago and took the one on Narcissism both for myself and the N….no surprises….he was WAY up there. But no, I would never tell him this. It’s just more ammo for them like you said Carrie. It’s more for us to understand the HUGE differences between US (the normal ones) and THEM (the N’s). And this can be very reassuring especially when that doubt thing creeps in. WE are just fine! Thanks for posting the link Carrie. Happy Sunday all! 😉



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