Distressed Rocking Chair



One bonus to having so much time off is getting things done I wouldn’t ordinarily. I have the dining buffet and the shelves to paint yet but I am loving the white furniture so much better than the wood.

The owner of the house came by to pick up the mortgage payment on Sunday and she obviously loved the work I’ve been doing. She asked me if I still love it and I answered, “Immensely!!”
She said she was so happy to have someone in it that loves it and takes care of it.

I think anyone walking into the yard or cabin would have to realize how much I love it. I think.it shows when a home is loved. You can have a beautiful multi million dollar home and if you don’t love it, it will feel cold and unwelcoming.

Have you ever been house hunting and walked into a place, and there isn’t anything you can put your finger on but you just don’t feel at ease in it, it isn’t “home” to you. I think a person’s vibes get soaked up in a home and you can feel the love, or not.

Anyway, I am pleased the way the rocker turned out and I’m anxious to get the buffet done while the weather is warm and dry.

I have an update post started but will have to complete that later. I have arranged to borrow a pickup truck today so I can do some pick ups and hopefully keep a few customers happy.

You all have a wonderful day! Its a sunny beautiful day here.

love and hugs

Posted by Carrie Reimer the Lady WithaTruck


11 thoughts on “Distressed Rocking Chair

    1. I believe where a person lives affects so many aspects of the person`s life, their motivation to work, to be creative like Michael said, and of course mental attitude. When I pull in my driveway I want to feel `Welcome home!“ when people come by I want them to feel like they can put their feet up on the couch and relax (but still be able to eat off my floor lol)
      Thanks Paula, for every thing!!
      Hugs and love to you


  1. Looks pretty good. 😀

    I sort of know the feeling with the house thing, although in an opposite way. When I had my own apartment it felt like I belonged there. For some odd reason a floodgate of material would come out of me on a given day. Not to sound gross, but if some music could come out of my butt it would. Unfortunately, I lost the apartment and moved back in with my folks.


    1. Micheal. I understand feeling of where you live inspiring a person to be more creative. If you can make music come out of your butt you will be rich! American Idol has never had anyone who could do THAT!!
      Thanks for stopping by Micheal, still enjoying school, are you going to be out for summer
      say hi to your mom and the family for me!


  2. Love the rocker! Yes I agree a house knows when it is loved or not. When my husband and I first moved into this house I loved it and it showed. 8 years later, a mistress, divorce and no money and this house is so sad. My ex lets me live here (for awhile not sure how long) but the feel is not the same. It is utterly joyless, no more holiday/party celebrations and I just no longer give a damn about it.
    My biggest wish would be to have my own place and just start over (even at this late age)making it my place not *used to be ours* place…


    1. I totally understand wanting to have a place that holds no memories and is just your place. It is NEVER too late to start over, can you not do that, sell and get your own special safe haven that you can decorate the way YOU like it, a place that wraps its arms around you when you walk through the door


      1. Actually, I decorated this whole place when we first moved in but it just reminds me of bad stuff now. No I can’t sell because it is his house and I am unable to work. Some day I will inherit my moms condo but that is – hopefully- far in the future. I pretty much just sleep and work here now. It gives me room to work on my jewelry designs and internet connection. For now that’s all I need.


    1. Thank you Kim, I enjoy doing that sort of thing. It seems a little silly to take something old sand it down and paint it to look old but I enjoy it 🙂 I get sa sense of accomplishment.


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