Well That’s Just Ducky!!

Very protective momma had just beat the crap out of a male duck that got too close to her babies.

Very protective momma had just beat the crap out of a male duck that got too close to her babies.

setting sun glows off the baby feathers

Babies and mom

Mommas coming for bread crumbs


Follow the leader


half the brood is around my feet waiting for bread crumbs


Proud momma of twelve

Proud momma of twelve

My life has been on freeze frame for a month now and the frustration of not being able to make anything go the way I want it to eats away at me. I try to not worry or let things get to me but really, we all know that even if you refuse to acknowledge stress it is still there eating away at you.

But if there is any place on earth that will DEstress a person it is the lake, water of any kind is relaxing but living in the middle of nature has a very organic property to it’s stress relief. In my mind there is not much that can beat walking out your door and counting ducks, eagles, Heron, Osprey and fish jumping in the lake. Nothing is quite as awe inspiring as an eagle swooping down not 10 feet in front of you and scooping a fish out of the water and flying off. Nothing lulls you to sleep like the crocking of bull frogs, combined with the wails of the coyotes. My sister in law lives in downtown Vancouver where the streets are alive 24/7 and the sirens blare all night long, and when she stays with me she complains because nature is so noisy it keeps her awake. lol

On any given evening you will find me putzing in my back yard, pulling weeds, having a Mike’s Hard Lemonaide and counting ducks. I have two families that come for a visit, when I walk out to the water’s edge they come expecting bread crumbs. One time I give them bread crumbs and now it is expected and they bring friends. The one momma has her hands full with 12 baby ducks, they are actually quite big now and scared me when they stampeded at me for crumbs.

The other family is just 4 but they are so tiny and SO cute!!

Every day has a blessing to be thankful for when you live where I do, so I thought I would share the blessings before I start complaining. lol

4 thoughts on “Well That’s Just Ducky!!

    1. ladywithatruck Post author

      I think of you every time I count ducks 🙂
      I love the wee babies, they can scoot so fast and God forbid if they lose sight of momma. I had to laugh the other night when a drake got too close; momma was on him like ugly on an ape or like Laila on Kato when she was in heat!! Lol


  1. Connie

    Lovely countingducks…..a nice mini-vacation for all of us. Much needed. I also live near water…we have a farm and a creek with a pond out our front window. Very modest, but oh so beautiful. Lots of wildlife comes through: birds, DUCKS, geese, muskrat, deer, fox, elk…and one time a funny river otter!! So blessed. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Okay, now you can start complaining! lol



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