New blog – ReCreations by Carrie

I would like to welcome you all over to my new blog, where I have posted pictures of some of my older pieces and will be posting and hopefully selling some new pieces. It is totally focused on my painting, I wanted to keep it separate and will be reblogging anything I post there over here. I am still fine tuning it, but tell me what you think, honestly! about everything, pricing, if a piece really sucks, if I am dreaming and need a shot of reality, I would rather have a friend tell me than make a fool of myself. any tips on how I can make it better, anything at all………….just grit your teeth and let me have it. ok maybe choose your words kindly.

3 thoughts on “New blog – ReCreations by Carrie

  1. ellie2013

    They are beautiful Carrie, Especially the christmas plates. I had an idea go thru my head, What about a “year” plate? My daughter collects snowmen , we have hundreds , some plates, but not a snowman “year” plate. Or a personalized one? You taking orders or just looking to sell what you have?


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Ellie, I most definitely take orders!! I will be starting my Xmas plates in a couple of months. I think a “year” plate is a great idea. I always sign them and date them but I could always make the date more prominent.
      I love collecting Christmas things because they are packed away for most of the year and every year you unpack them you remember xmases past etc.
      I have collected Nut Crackers for 30 years. I have one for every year and a few extra I pivked up on sale after xmas. I love unpacking them every year. I also collect Santas, my don collected snow globes. I think I am going to have to cut down on my decorating this year I won’t be able to move in that little cabin if I put up all the decorations.
      There I go again off in left field!! Lol to answer you question, Yes I do special orders!!


  2. Helle

    Your pieces look great but the pictures could be better. I know that it can be difficult with a cheap camera, but a few things can always be done.
    *They have to be sharp.
    *Ordinary flash do not work well with pieces that are shiny (will leave white spots).
    *Remove clutter in the background or move the piece you are photographing. A white background is preferred by some, but a nice setting also work very well.
    *Pictures taken in the shadow can be dull and flat, pictures taken in bright sun will often be to “hard” (strong shadows). You can either find a day with a light cloud cover or take pictures in the soft light of morning and evening. A piece of white paper can act as a reflector and soften hard shadows (it reflects the light onto the shadow area).

    Good luck with your shop.



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