Sometimes I Say Something Worth Repeating

I commented recently on a post written by “Abilitytolove” , a blog about being involved with a psychopath and went back to read her reply. Often times when I write I don’t think much about what I am writing it just comes from the heart and later when I reread it, it is like reading it for the first time, I remember writing it but I am looking at it from a different perspective. (does that make sense?) This is one of those times and I think it is worth sharing with everyone here.

“It took me 10 years to break away from him and another two years to even want to live without him. I have to own the fact that I was an accomplice to my own demise. But I view him as a pitiful, excuse for a human being and a waste of good skin. A parasite on this earth that serves no useful purpose. A LOSER by every definition of the word.
You are the winner!! Integrity, empathy, compassion, responsibility, and accountability trumps a lying bastard every time.”

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I Say Something Worth Repeating

  1. Paula

    They try sucking the good right out of us. They really are losers, because they lose people like us inevitably. They inflict inevitable harm, but they are inevitably left alone, their biggest fear. Great comment. Glad you shred it with us!


  2. lee

    I need feed back! (please),hubby has all the “features” of NPD and just recently called doc office to tell them due to personal problems he needed to cancel the entire week(he goes to p.t. 3xweek)….he hung up with that office and i asked directly,he said that he told them that because he really DREADS going!!!!!!…..listen here, he primps before he goes. i really dont get the damn drama!……AKA? WHY MAKE HIS NOT WANTING TO GET OFF HIS BOOTY AND FURTHERMORE WHY MAKE (me) HIS PROBLEM?????? …..what would fix this? he should be called out on this,really.



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