Another Visitor


I mentioned to a friend that lives down the road from me that I wanted a dock or party barge; next thing you know there is this dilapitated dock tied to my shore. It must be a hundred years old, maybe even a piece of the Ark. The support cross beams are broken so it sags in the middle, its HUGE and just plain ugly.

Someone had cut it loose and it was floating free so my friend decided it would be perfect for me.

Not wanting to hurt his feelings I accepted it and asked if he was going to help me fix it.

Everyone who has seen it agrees, it is damn ugly and BIG!

The other day I suggested to him that I thought we should set it free, it looks wild and probably would be much happier floating free. I suggested it might best be suited in the bird sanctuary as a place for the birds to sit and enjoy the sun in the tall grasses. But he didn’t seem as eager as I to let it go.

So it is still sitting, now marooned on my beach because the water level has dropped and it is no longer floating and must weigh several tons due to all the water its soaked up.

But the birds love it!! The ducks are always sunning themselves on it and then this evening a Heron was walking around on it. I knew the birds would love it!! They don’t sit on anybody else’s dock, but its so damn ugly and BIG!!

I knew I should have released into the wild, but I do love the visitors it attracts.


Posted by Carrie Reimer the Lady WithaTruck

6 thoughts on “Another Visitor

  1. Connie

    Carrie, what a lovely back yard you have! Is that the dock in the picture with the heron perched on it? From this view it doesn’t look too bad! Of course I can’t see the rest of your yard and how it fits in with the whole area.

    That’s cool you are the preferred choice for the wildlife….one advantage anyway! And yeah, maybe you DO have a remnant of The Ark! lol Well, it was FREE and it’s THERE. Maybe give it a summer and see how you feel in the fall….well, I guess you’re kind of stuck anyway since it’s grounded right now.

    When we get lemons we make lemonaide right? Keep posting pics of this….it’s rather a nice diversion and I love the view!

    ~ Connie 😉


  2. Cindy

    LOL~ Carrie you are so funny!!! I loved waking up to this. You now have your own bird sanctuary.
    Does this ole dock get your creative juices flowing??? Perhaps it is time to paint water lilies on it so it will either blend in or stand out. Still laughing. 🙂


    1. carrie

      Cindy, lol I have thought about painting something on it. The longer it is there the more traffic it gets, I am going to get the reputatiom of “that crazy bird lady”. It wouldn’t be the first time!!
      When I had my big house in town I put up a board on one of the sheds and put bird feed on it. Every year the birds ( all kinds!! I had a hawk, owl, stellsr jays, blue jays, finches, robins, more kinds than I can remember) would bring their babies and every year I put a bigger board up because the birds were lining up for their turn to eat. By the time I moved I was buying a HUGE economy bag of bird seed every month. The people that bought the place were in for a big surprise when spring arrived. They would have thought they were in the middle of a “Birds” movie remake!


  3. Morgan

    When I read your post I thought about how wonderful. You have caring neighbors who heard what you said about your hope and wish. When they had an opportunity they thought about you. Do you know how long it’s been since someone, other than family, have done something nice like that for me? Well it has been a long time. You are loved Ms. Carrie.


    1. carrie

      I realize how blessed I am, I was just joking a bit; it is ugly and rotten but I appreciate the gesture and I lovr the birds. I have had more help since living back in Mission than I got the whole previous 20 years, no in my whole life.
      People have dropped off extra food they just could never eat, bread, plants for my gardens, the same guy that brougjt me the dock powerwashed my house, a couple of the guys have helped me do some of my pickups.

      Not only is it a bird sanctuary, its MY sanctuary!!


  4. carrie

    Connie, you can see why I love it here. I face the bird sanctuary, on the other side of that tall grassy area is the waterway the boats on this side of the lake get to open water so they can water ski and stuff. It is quite a unique lake because it does have both the animal wild life and the human wild life. Lol

    I am quite happy to view the bird sanctuary, it is much more peaceful. The dock is really ugly but the birds do seem to love it and I love the birds



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