Suicide : The Warning Signs and What to do

Another tabu topic that needs to be discussed in order to remove the stigma attached to it. Never dismiss someone who sounds suicidal, don’t be afraid to ask, “Are you thinking about suicide?”
Like domestic violence, suicide makes people uncomfortable; discussing it openly and honestly removes the stigma attached.
So many times people dismiss someone’s talk or attempted suicide as “attention seeking”. No kidding Sherlock!! Its pretty frickin’ obvious that if a person is suicidal they are feeling alone, hopeless and need attention!

The Online Therapist

Every 40 seconds somewhere around the world someone dies by suicide, that’s 99 people every 66 minutes.
Alcohol makes people more prone to committing suicide by violent methods like hanging, using a firearm or by falling to death, says a new study. Nearly, one-fourth of all suicide cases studied reported that the victim had blood alcohol levels of at least 0.08 g/dL.
Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24, and the fourth leading cause of death among 25 to 44-year-olds in the United States. Only 20 percent of the population is over 60, but 40 percent of suicide victims come from this age group. After age 75, the rate is three times higher than average, and among white men over 80, it is six times higher than average.
Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for…

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2 thoughts on “Suicide : The Warning Signs and What to do

  1. My Inner Chick

    –I thought about suicide for the first time after Kay’s murder. The feelings would come and go. How would I do it? It would be so easy…step in front of a truck or put my head in the oven like Sylvia Plath did…but the thoughts were only fleeting.
    I would NEVER do this to my family or God. Anyhow, I despise any kind of pain.
    Love from MN, Carrie. Xx


  2. catherinetodd3

    I always end up feeing suicidal after being attacked by a family member or whenever I decide to try and leave the Narcissist in my life. ALWAYS. But I recognize it for what it is… feelings left over from when I was a child and couldn’t get away. Now I can and I know all I have to do is WAIT and “these feelings too will pass.” It might take an hour; it might take a few days, but those feelings will pass and I just hang on for dear life until they do.

    But my youngest sisters, along with my mother et al love to throw the accusation “you just want attention” into people’s faces, as if that is doing something wrong! What is wrong with needing and wanting attention? Being on the receiving end of their treatment taught me not to expect attention from anyone and shy away from if it did come my way. Everything I learned in my family of origin is just plain WRONG WRONG WRONG. They were the only ones who demanded “attention” all the time, and they would never allow anyone else to have any.

    May they all burn in hell. And may they one day suffer the consequences of knowing what it feels like to be treated this way. That is my greatest hope in this world. If there is justice at all in God’s eyes, may they know how they made me feel.

    A child can’t control their feelings and are overwhelmed by what happens to them. I have spent a lifetime trying to get over what these people did to me. And I will never give up and I will persevere. One day I will find peace and they can all blow away like “dust in the wind.”



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