VooDoo Spell Casters

My sincere apologies to every one who has been offended by these losers. I changed my moderation settings because being sick  I wasn’t able to moderate the comments and then I have been so busy with all the changes happening in my life I didn’t want people’s comments to sit waiting to be moderated so I removed that app from my settings. 

But obviously the Spam bot isn’t doing its job so I have reinstated the moderating option and anyone who hasn’t commented on the blog previously will have their comment sit waiting to be approved. Once someone is approved once their comments no longer go to moderation and will appear instantly. Of course glitches occur and you might have a comment go to moderation for no reason, but I will be able to be on top of things better again and try to moderated comments in a more timely fashion.

My apologies to everyone who has been offended, these people are not worth even responding to, I am sure they don’t even come back to see if anyone commented on their comment. Very much like a narcissist, they spew their bull shit without any thought to how it will affect the people reading it because they don’t care. They just move on to another blog and try there. The best way to deal with them is to ignore them if they happen to slip through the filters.

The problem should be solved now.

Hugs and Love


2 thoughts on “VooDoo Spell Casters

  1. The Heretic

    Wait! You mean I missed out on giving someone a verbal punch in the dick???? Seriously???!!!

    Be vewy, vewy quiet! I’m hunting asshole spammers! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhhuhuh!


  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Carrie, sorry whatever’s happened here. Sighhhhhhh.

    And sorry you’ve been sick – I’ve missed a fair bit. A good post though. Everyone knows it’s not YOU, the offending shit. You’re better than that.



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