Turning the Sociopath’s Toxic Crap into Bountiful Blossoms

A great analogy from Paula!

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toilet flowers(Warning: This post may cause gas.)

Don’t misinterpret the sociopath’s ability to manipulate and demean you as a skill.

A skill is something we’re taught and we learn. The sociopath was born with this ability.

Harming and hurting individuals is his nature, and he does it with the same ease he pisses and shits. And like a bowel movement, there is no need for him to tap into empathy, remorse or his phantom conscience:

“Ahhh! That felt good. Now let me wash my hands really, really good. Can’t have any remnants of THAT left in my world.”

Ask yourself this the next time you use the toilet:

“How much guilt and remorse do I feel after I relieve myself and flush?”

Surely, you’ll answer, “None!” (Heck, if you didn’t eliminate that crap, it would have caused serious bloat and painful pressure. Ouch! Who needs that?)

And this is exactly how the…

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5 thoughts on “Turning the Sociopath’s Toxic Crap into Bountiful Blossoms

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Thank you Noeleen! Thanks for dropping by, I haven’t had a chance to read about your trip yet but it sounds like it was just what you needed. Can’t wait to sit down and read about it!


  1. Lori Lara

    This is a fantastic post! What a brilliant metaphor. I’ll never be able to use the bathroom and not think of sociopaths! Lol.

    Humor aside, you’re completely right. It took me years and years and years to accept the fact that certain close people, some of them family members, were incapable of true caring. Their abuse was purposeful and went ungrieved by them( if that’s even a word). What caused enormous suffering for me wasn’t even on their radar. It was a big pill to swallow. But once I did, it gave me the clarity and sense to move away from them, (which I did with a measure if guilt for awhile.) Cutting them our of my life sped up my recovery almost immediately. Yes, self love is the cornerstone to dealing with sociopaths and narcissists.

    I used to tell my counselor that I just wish I didn’t care so much. She just looked me in the eyes with her all knowing expression as if she were saying, ” oh, dear one. You have so much to learn.” Which I did.

    Was there an aha! moment for you? Or was this wisdom gained through cumulative experience?

    Thanks for this post…


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      I think I have had many aha moments. The only way to heal is with no contact, once a person goes no contact they have a much clearer view of what the N is. As long as there is any contact they mess with your head and keep you off balance and doubting yourself, doubting what you see with your own eyes and know within your heart.
      Once I was no contact, I had many aha moments, and usually it was a painful realization but healing.
      Thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog!


  2. Emily13

    Hello Carrie, Thank you for sharing this. I am a daughter of a Narcissist and find your blog very encouraging. I’m curious if you or any readers deal with any recurring dreams since leaving the Narcissist relationship… Though I ended contact with my dad (for the most part) 9 years ago, I still feel his hold on my life, and sometimes I find it coming out in my dreams. Like last night I dreamt that he was driving with the whole family in the car (me in the backseat with my siblings) and started to drive into a large body of water (lake or ocean) faster and faster, without thinking about water filling up the car and affecting our lives. What got me is he was staying in the car, not thinking about his own safety, and yet he was mesmerized, and wanted to talk about himself the whole time… it was very weird. Do you ever deal with dreams like that? Any advice on coping with them? I am SO thankful I left a relationship with Dad and am not feeling guilty anymore about it. 🙂



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