Again, I Say No Contact, Never, Ever

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An old post of mine from April 2012, where I am struggling with no contact. This was the last time we had contact, aside from when he found my blog and came in under aliases to try to undermine me, but I was able to block him. It was not until I went no contact did I really start to heal.

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I can’t help but think “you stupid bitch”, sorry but I said I was going to be honest on this blog and that is what I think.

She is not my problem and neither is he but it made me mad and it hurt; it really hurt. Even though I know what he is doing and I know what the final outcome will be; I still have my moments of doubt. If my situation wasn’t so bad I would have handled it better I know.

I am trying so hard and it was just another kick in the guts while I am down. I know she thinks she rules the rooster and has brought about all these wonderful changes in him. She is thinking she is special and that is why he is doing this and has changed.

He is making a big play of protecting her and their relationship…

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