No Contact!!!! The Narcissist Does NOT Change!

Another post on NO CONTACT, from 2012.

Ladywithatruck's Blog

You know the saying; those that can’t, teach? Well that is me, please believe me, no contact with your ex narcissistic spouse is the only way to save yourself.
To quote my father, “Do as I say not as I do!”

They do NOT change, they do NOT care about you and they will NOT give you closure or admit they had any fault in the relationship failing. IF they do admit fault and apologize, run for cover because they are “softening” you up for another go around.

If you go back, the abuse WILL be worse! They won’t respect you for being so weak that you believed their crap, and they won’t stop whatever they were doing to hurt you, if they had personal ads now they will up the anti to actually dating, if they were already dating then they will fall in love, if it was jealousy…

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