Hiding in Plain Sight – A Two-Faced Sociopath

I have tried to write s post about this video, I am not sure who here has seen it, apparently it went virile. I hate to give it any more attention because the N is getting so much supply from all the hits but Paula did an informative post about it and I feel it is well worth sharing.
Be forwarned I could not finish watching it and found it triggered me horribly, so if you are feeling vulnerable perhaps you should pass on viewing it.


11 thoughts on “Hiding in Plain Sight – A Two-Faced Sociopath

  1. I spoke (typed!) too soon. I found the video and yes I do agree with you, and no I couldn’t watch it to the end either. One of the ex’s tricks was to change his mind and then absolutely insist he didn’t and when I would get so frustrated I would blow he would stand there with a slight smile saying “I don’t know WHY YOU are so upset, I am only trying to (make a point, talk about it, etc).
    When he got in a rage he made sure no one (who mattered) saw it.


  2. I posted that same video here 😦 It made me uncomfortable and very sad. I felt the same exact thing that there was more to the story. And it made me wonder who the N really was. I think I said that in my post. I am sorry if posting it here upset anyone.


    1. Ellie, I don’t think it was a bad thing to post it because it exposed the guy for who he is; and I think it also made it possible for women to admit that they have acted the same way. I know I have at times lost it in a very similar way but was so ashamed of myself because it was so out of character for me and fed the N’s theory that I was nuts. Yes, I was nuts at times, because of the intense mind games he played. It makes me sick again just thinking about it.
      even if it makes people uncomfortable, as long as it opens the lines of communication it is a good thing.


  3. Wow! I also couldn’t find the post….and not sure I can read it either. I am just starting to recover from a 24 year marriage with an “N”. Luckily enough? I survived…against all odds!! I didn’t even see/feel the first punch in my left eye since it knocked me out cold and didn’t know he hit me twice until he admitted to the police that “one of the punches broke 2 of his fingers”. I woke in a puddle of blood and literally ‘seeing stars’. My legs folded (as a new born calf would) the first 3 times I tried to get up. On the forth attempt I was able to stand and remember thinking “I believe he just hit me”!! He has never touched me in 26 years being together but recently has threat me. Little did I know, this was the beginning for the “FIGHT OF MY LIFE”!! I hadn’t noticed my PJ’s were saturated in blood from the hole in the skull of my head where apparently hit the tile step when struck by his fist. I thought the worse was over. Just as I got up to crawl to the bedroom and try to process what was happening (not realizing at the time I had a head concussion) as I stood up in a haze….there he stood with a gun ‘point blank’ on my chest. “I WILL KILL YOU THAN KILL ME” he kept repeating. Over and over again….Barely remember pushing the weapon away from my chest and struggling over the gun. I’m 5’2 and 115 lbs. He’s 5’11 and 200 lbs. He pointed the gun about a foot from my leg and told me to “shut up and sit the F@#k down”! So I….”shut up and sat the F@#k down on the bed….he fired the weapon!! His face went pale and turned “SIXTY shades of grey”….and slowly slid down the wall with his finger still on the trigger. He told me “say your last words….I have to kill you than kill me! Say your last words. This is something I’ve planned on doing a long time”!! Believing my life was about to end (and a new level this journey has risen to). It was going to be a murder/suicide. I ask to write a good bye letter to my (83 yr old) mom and family. He declined. I witnessed a face I’ve never seen before. It was like some one or some thing ‘took over’ this man that I have loved for so long. It was like a battle going on inside his head. Suddenly, looking out the french doors to where I was sitting at my desk…..I saw my mom’s bible that I had recently moved a few days earlier. Just lying on my desk. I swore to him if he ‘let me live’ I would not call the police or tell anyone. Again….he declined! I ask if I could get my bible from my desk. He said “That’s only a book”! I said “It may be a book to you but it’s a BIBLE to me. There is a big difference”! He started to ‘defuse’…..and decided he would not kill me but was going to kill himself as he spoke about ‘believing in God’. Remaining calm, I tried to think (and explain) all the reasons he had to live. He finally decided to put the gun away. Told me to take a shower and he would “clean up the mess” (blood)! Still somewhat confused….I slowly shower as the blood trickled from my head/neck down my body into the drain. I was tired and needed to sleep. He was SORRY. The next day he catered to me…..and told me not to go out for a few days because he didn’t want anyone to see me with a black eye. Laying on the couch I remember thinking “someone should know about this. Something is not right here”! I sneak into the bathroom with my cell and take a quick pic of my eye and sent it to my nearest relative which was a thousand miles away. I made her PROMISE not to tell anyone OR CALL THE POLICE!! Thankfully, she’s smarter than that and called our local Police Dept in Orlando Fla. It’s been 24 hours now and she is slowly gathering information from me (thru text) and relaying it to the police. Little did I know the SWAT TEAM had our house surrounded and they had sat up a command station the next street over. My niece informed them we had approx 25 guns in the house (since he is a avid deer hunter etc).They were READY! With every one in place…..the Police got me out of the house alive however, he was still in the house. As the cruiser sped away (with me in it) I could hear them ‘negotiating’ with him on the radio. He peacefully surrendered. After the 10th or 11th Police Officer told me “Do you know how lucky you are to be alive? I don’t know what you said or did but it SAVED YOUR LIFE!! Murder/suicide victims rarely come out alive!!”He was charged with 4 Felonies with the first one being “Pre-meditated attempted murder in the first degree”. This is a man that worked the same job for almost 30 yrs and never even had a speeding ticket. Really?? Pre-meditated?? OMGosh!! I just got the staples removed from the (deep) wound in my skull a few days ago however the wounded soul will never heal. I can remember…sitting in my PJ’s….in the ambulance at the gas station where the command station was sat up and asking the Deputy that took me there “How did you find out?? How did you know to come get me”?? He smiled and said “you have a niece in Ohio that loves you very much”…..


    1. OMG, luckylady!!!!! GOD was with you, for sure. Your work on this earth is NOT done yet, my dear 🙂 I also cried when I read your story. Could almost feel the terror you were going through. I hope they put him away for a long long time. Throw away the key. Evil like that doesn’t belong out in the real world. You have lended credence to the theory that evil exists in an N and a ‘path by describing what you saw, the facial expressions, etc. I know is was the hardest thing you have ever done , putting it down here for all to see 😦 YOU may have saved someone’s life today. God bless you.

      ((((( Hugs))))))


      1. Thank you Ellie! Yes, God was with me!! This is a new chapter for me and if my story helps to save even ‘one life’….then it was worth telling. Thanks for the support. I have a feeling it will be a long road but with people such as you….we can do it!! : )


    2. Luckylady, I sobbed reading your story, thank you for sharing! (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))
      How horrible for you to go through that but thank God you are alive and here to tell others. Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing, if you ever need to vent, cry and just need a shoulder to cry on or a empathetic ear, we are here.


      1. Carrie – Thank you! I’m so happy to find a group such as this. I pray my story helps some one….some where. And yes…I may need that ‘shoulder’ every once in a while! Thank you and God Bless you all!! ; )


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