I went through old posts and pulled out some I thought might be helpful for some of the Imagevisitors here who are struggling with whether to believe their ex’s apology and go back. All I can say is “RUN!!!”

Well actually I have had a lot more to say about apologies from a narcissist and here they are:







3 thoughts on “He Misses Me and Apologized

  1. Aurora Morealist

    Tough shit, I say, tough shit. Let those abuser/user/manipulators apologize until they die. Usually this means they have been rejected by another and they see you as a viable option again, are sussing out their options. You were never first with men liket these anyway and we will never be first. They are first and that is that. Being an option is an ugly manipulation by a lonely soul who realizes something: nobody wants him. Being sorry from a person with a pattern of apologizing and doing it all again means nothing. Not even worth the spit it took to say it. Ignore him, I say, move on, move up, up and away from such lowly malfunctioning. JMO Love to you Carrie ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. carrie

      Thank you Janice,
      Unfortunately I was one of those slow learners and he was recycling his apologies before I finally got the guts to really walk away. I am sitting there watching him cry real tears and saying exactly the same thing he had said two years prior and when I mentioned it felt like deja vu he got angry and said it was my own fault he hurt me because I kept taking him back. Lol God love a duck!!
      I am so done with bullshitters!!



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