Is He a Coward

A quote from me from one of my older posts.

If you can’t be proud to say, “I love that guy, that one right there!”, if you can’t say I love you to him for fear of rejection or ridicule, if you are afraid he’ll hit you, if you can never count on him being there for you, if he will make love to you and tell you he loves you and walk out the door and go to another woman. What have you got? A coward

3 thoughts on “Is He a Coward

  1. Susan Hopkinson

    They are ALL COWARDS.
    U aren’nt dealing with a rational human-being, just one out to destroy-you and bring you down to your knees in every-which-way they can.
    They work off POWER – AND CONTROL.
    My ex-husband freak asked me to go to bed with him – knowing he was going to walk out the door with his new women the day after, on my Birthday. Already packed up his stuff.
    Thankfully I didn’nt take the bait – I “Knew” he was sleeping with the O/W two weeks before he left. Like I “Knew” , numerous times before.
    The silence, crazy-making comments, He nearly drove me insane.
    Didn’nt tell me that he was leaving….although he rang my Daughter to tell her…..10 minutes before he left. Blamed the entire relationship break-down on me……I take some blame but how do you live with a lying con-man, whom sucks the soul out of your very-being.
    That is how totally cruel they are, they have to be in CONTROL of every situation – they get “A High” from lying, cheating, stealing from everybody – whom comes into contact with them. The mask will be ON until They Know You have taken it off. Beware…..That’s when the “True Self” comes out – and it is horrid. They will do they best to destroy your character. Make false accusations to Police and every friend and family members.
    He drove his ex-wife insane, She lost her daughter because of the lies he told about her.
    I am currently going to AA because of the emotional abuse.
    I should have had my boundries set long before. 11 years off being married to a total-tosser. My love and support in everything – even being in jail for rapeing his ex-wife and I belived he didn’nt do it – how stupid was I?
    BEWARE OF THE DEVIL – They are so…….convincing – until stripped of their Mask.
    Good Karma Ladies.



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