Warning this post contains swearing-Acceptable Names

Last night there was a bit of swearing going on and I want to say I hope it doesn’t offend any one but some times a person’s gotta do what a person’s gotta do! After some deliberation I thought there should be some sort of list.

So here is a list of acceptable names you can call the narcissist:Image


23 thoughts on “Warning this post contains swearing-Acceptable Names

  1. Ok, here’s how I feel about swearing. Did I miss something? I didn’t read yesterday, except one post I think. Anyway, do you know Natalie Lue? Baggage Reclaim? Um, she swears on her posts. I don’t see upheaval and moral self righteousness attached to her stuff, in fact, she’s more popular than ever.

    If someone doesn’t like swearing and their ‘offended’ they can go elsewhere. Sometimes, we swear when we’re angry, especially when it comes to pathological behavior. I see NOTHING wrong with this AT ALL. I see too many writer’s being accused of being ‘narcs’ because they swear. I mean think about this: swearing so SO SUPERFICIAL. What is in the MESSAGE in that the swearing is included?

    Swear away, honey. I’m listening. You’re a damned good writer. Oh, oops!

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    1. Kelli, no one complained but someone apologized for swearing and i thought I’d add some humor to the blog today, a lot of people have been having a tough time with their ex’s lately.
      But thank you for the compliment!! I’ve been known to throw the F bomb around more than once and never had a complaint. Some times no other word would do.

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        1. LOLOL!! Thank goodness! I LOVE the F-bomb. I am also fond of the word “shit”…in reference to the N of course. There’s lots of words I like to use, but wasn’t sure if it would be offensive. I swear a lot when I’m alone. Nurses are notorious for swearing. Lol….. thanks Carrie and company!

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  2. You forgot just down right arsehole conceited prick… However I did like fother mucker!!! And as for cock sucking, I don’t think they are that because otherwise we’d all be completely happy ladies because the fother muckers wouldn’t need us!!!! Lol Have an awesome day!!!

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    1. First of all let me say………….dang fine picture there lady!! You are so pretty!!
      As for cock sucking…… I thought I would throw up when I found my ex’s profile on a gay porn/dating site and he had himself listed as gay. Not curious, not bi, but gay! and his picture was there.


        1. LOL Connie ………………you should have seen MY face!!LOL I found it while searching to see if he had put the video’s he’d taken of us having sex (without my knowledge) on the internet. It was a very old pic of him but it sure looked like him but he had dark glasses on and a lot more hair LOL his profile sure sounded like him, we had just gotten back together and the area he was from fit. I kept it to myself for a few days and then I said to his sister who was living with us, “I found something on the internet I want to show you and I don’t know what to do”. I showed her and asked if she thought it was him and she said the same thing I was thinking, It could be. A light bulb went on I remembered seeing an old photo album of his in the bedroom so I went and got it to see if we could find an old pic of him. Well I opened it randomly and it opened on THAT picture. I screamed and slammed it shut. she had her hands up and her head turned away and she kept saying I don’t want to see it I don’t want to see it!!
          Yet, you know, I still didn’t want to leave him I still missed him, still had sex with him. Bizarre.


  3. I also say swear away! Interesting note on this that shows we’re not terribly imaginative swears. This aspect of our English language has actually been studied to count just how many swear words we commonly use…..we have just 26 actual swear words out of thousands of words floating out there! 26. Hmm… seems like we could surely come with more instead of using those same 26 over and over again in an endless loop. LOL. Okay, I enjoy little trivia like that. One of the best is the F bomb meaning: Fornicating Under Consent of King. Can you imagine having to get royal permission to do the deed? Swear on Ladies! Onward and Upward or up and down as the case may be!


    1. Remind me to never play trivial pursuit with you!! yikes! Thanks Linda, some times you just gotta swear and some times fuck is the only word that will do. I don’t use it often so it maintains it’s impact. If I ever tell someone to F off you know I am mad!!


  4. I posted yesterday. Can’t remember cursing except for the “asshat” word, but then as a lady above said, “Nurses are notorious for cursing”, LMAO! That’s the truth. However, I see my post is gone, so I am wondering if you think I am a mole or I actually said something wrong. If I did, I apologize. BTW, because I didn’t get a confirmation letter on this account for a week, I set up another account, and now I think I have 2 accounts. I’m confused, and sick of everything in my life right now. Sorry…. 🙂


    1. Kim, you didn’t say any thing wrong I am sure. All first time commenters go to be moderated, once a person has commented and been approved the first the rest of their posts will appear immediately. Unfortunately my ex was coming in under different aliases so I had to start moderating comments. But sometimes the spam filter will move a comment to the spam folder. I will go and have a peek.


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