I hesitate to write this because I don’t want to feed the sick ego of the son-of-a-bitch and it only goes to prove how sick he really is but I want to put a warning out there.

black cloud

For those of you new to the blog, around November of last year JC started coming in and commenting, that is why I moderate comments now. He told many lies but one of them was that I used drugs. When I deleted his messages he started coming in under different aliases but I was smart enough to track the IP number on the messages and figure out they were all coming from the same location and must have been him, because of the location. One of the aliases he used was Norma Rockwell, I had to laugh at that.

In one of the posts from Norma he mentioned that any computer geek could hook into the GPS on a person’s phone.
( I saved that message) . Then one day after I had started at CCon I got a call on my cell phone, since I had very poor reception where I was living I always let them go to voice mail and returned them when I got down the hill.

I got down the hill and parked at the Husky gas station and checked for messages. There were none so I called the number back and it went to JC’s voicemails. You would have thought I got an electric shock the way I dropped the phone.
I literally dropped it and had to pick it up to disconnect the call. Immediately I wondered what he was up to and remembered the veiled threat in Norma’s message. I had heard some where there is a program that you can install on someone’s phone. You call them and when they pick up or call you back you are hooked up to them.

But what could I do but wait.

Then I got let go from CCon, they said it was because I wasn’t able to do the job and I feel I got a bum deal all the way around there but whatever I dealt with it and will deal with it again because of recent knowledge I have proving JC had something to do with it.

The day I got let go I was told on top of other things they had received an anonymous phone call saying someone had seen me drinking and doing crack at the Husky station. For one thing I lived 5 minutes from the Husky and still do, why on earth would I sit at the Husky doing drugs and not just go home? I was flabbergasted and just said someone was lying. My immediate though was JC but thought to say anything would sound crazy. Like why on earth would a normal person phone and do that? Because he is a psychopath that’s why!!! And what business person would take the word of an anonymous phone caller when they know you are out of a domestic violent relationship. But I also know how convincing JC can be. But they offered to finance a truck for me and they said it was nothing personal so I figured maybe they didn’t believe it. I really wasn’t feeling well at the time and didn’t feel like battling anyway.

As it turned out it all worked out for the best anyway because I can’t work any more, I got enough hours for my disability benefits and working at CCon enabled me to buy my little place. I was and am just grateful for the blessings in my life.

Well the other day Tikk said that she still checked on her ex occasionally for safety reasons and I thought maybe I should see if JC was out there and sure enough. I Google one of the Usernames he usually used and up pops a WordPress blog with ladywithatruck in the title of it.
It was started in July and so far most of it consists of blatant lies about me.

He is still going on about how happy he is with M and mentioned they moved. She owned her house so he has managed to manipulate her into leaving her family and support system behind. I sure hope for her sake she didn’t sell her house. One minute he was criticizing her for being such a bitch and the next she was the love of his life. He’s so out of touch with how a real person relates and thinks he doesn’t even know when he is contradicting himself. M must be going through hell by now.He said she got him out of debt, guess that’s where the house went.

He told so many lies about me it is amazing lightening didn’t strike him dead, that I have a criminal record and he doesn’t, that I stole $30,000 from him, omg it goes on and on and he says shit about my brother and son and is critical of me because I haven’t talked about their troubles. Why would I? neither one is a narcissist or a psychopath; if they were I would have talked about them. JC still just can’t believe I am not writing this about him, I am writing about domestic violence. At the very end he says and Carrie lost her job at CCon because someone saw her smoking crack in the company truck.

Add 1 + 1 and you get one big scum sucking soulless, bottom feeder who hasn’t got a life and is so upset he didn’t destroy me he is still trying 2 1/2 years later !!!

If he was so Fucking happy with Marissa he would get on with his life, I sure have and I am sure if he knew the truth; THAT EVERYTHING WORKED OUT AND HE DIDN’T DESTROY ME AND I AM THE HAPPIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN, he would be totally pissed off.

But he would never know that because I am not going to comment on his blog, I am not going to read his blog; I know all I need to know. HE HASN’T CHANGED, HE IS STILL A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

He said he has quit going to my blog and he is DONE rotflmao!!
I can’t tell you how many times he has said he IS DONE. It doesn’t hurt me any more. I was DONE long ago and he needs to get a life.

I mention this for several reason’s.
1. does any one know if I have a legal leg to stand on because I lost my job?
2. To give everyone a heads up because he might contact people from my blog and if he does I would like to know.
3. Someone using a name of one of my followers and my email address commented on someone else’s blog and she contacted me.
4. AND last but not least, the longer you are with these soulless bastards the more they want to destroy you; get out early and save yourself.

I am not going to shut my blog down. I believe in what I am doing. I remain confident that I am doing it for the right reason’s. If I wanted to be vindictive I would have named his full name and various aliases, but I didn’t . Any one wanting info on JC could Google his name and my blog would not come up. On the other hand anyone reading HIS blog would immediately come over to my blog to see what I am saying. As far as I can tell, once again his efforts to destroy me have the potential to drive up my viewers and inform even more people about the real JC.

God is good and he has turned every thing JC tried to do to hurt me into something positive.

You know sometimes you just have to sit back and let the person hang themselves. As example A I present JC.

If you do grace my blog with your presence JC, I only have one thing to say; get over it!! Quit blaming everyone else for your problems and grow up, be a man. Oh I know he can’t be a man and he is probably loving that I even mentioned him here. But he hasn’t gotten to me other than to make me want to puke and make me so frikkin happy he is done with me.
Hugs to everyone!!


13 thoughts on “The Black Cloud of Evil

  1. Donna

    Oh Carrie,
    They never quit do they. Mine is probably still getting drunk and high and making his drunk dialing to everyone saying God knows what about me. I feel bad for you, because he is so sick that he even tries to hurt you on your site. F him! I don’t for a second believe or really care what he has to say because all these assholes know how to do is shovel shit. Sorry for all the cussing but I know from experience how it feels honey. Hold your head up high and laugh because he needs to be institutionalized!!


  2. TikkTok

    Contact a lawyer and find out. In the US, slander and libel are hard to prove. You could sue the employer for firing without cause, though, unless that was a signed agreement before hiring on.

    I would take all your documentation and contact a lawyer for sure. Here, most will do free consultations to determine if there is a case. I, personally, think you have one. You’ll need to decide if it’s worth pursuing compared to the financial expense.

    Good luck!


  3. Kim

    OMG Carrie, is there no end to this asshat? I would definitely consult a lawyer, and here in the US you would have been given a drug test to get hired or any time they had any reason to suspect drugs. My father is a DOT examiner, so I know that. If they had done that, it would have proven your case. I want to go kick JCs ass.

    My ExN also did a terrible number on me. He made sure he left me as destitute as possible, told lies about me to everyone, then kicked me out with no warning. I have no support system but y’all. AND, in every comment on here, I see him! How many of these people are there? I never want another relationship again. I don’t trust myself, and see the N’s everywhere I look. Am I paranoid?

    I know I will die with nothing now. He always vehemently refused to buy me a little house. He called the other day. I did not answer. However, he left a message asking if I wanted to go see the new house he bought. I am 54, with no prospects. He wouldn’t have one dime if I hadn’t got him his VA disability. Now, I wish I had left him in the “dust” where he was when I found him.

    May God Bless you all, and especially YOU, Carrie! My heart goes out to you. Be safe, girl!


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Kim here is your comment I don’t know why it didn’t show up! Yeah, JC couldn’t truck in the US because he failed his drug test. He told me he had quit but apparently not. As with all N’s JC is turning every around and all the things he did to me he has accused me of. He accused me of a few things that make me wonder if he even thinks before he types. Like I stole $31,000 in car parts and tools after we split and he had put $13,000 into truck repairs so I wouldn’t end up on the streets homeless. He is such a sweet guy. I used him and abused him so horribly. But if I stole $31,000 you’d think I have been able to get a place to live. Any time we split I got nothing.
      I am got legal advice and they said I definitely have a case against him for slander and against CCon for wrongful dismissal. The slander case I can go for compensation for lost income, damages because the stress caused me to go into heart failure. I am going to go for it, I can’t let him bully me any longer. Its the principle of the whole thing.


      1. Kim

        Good for you! I have so many stories, so many emotions, I am just at a loss…. I am so befuddled over the crazy azz stuff that they dream up. I am accused of doing the same crazy stuff that he does. BUT, I don’t do it, and he never remembers doing anything or saying anything crazy even seconds after doing so. I only want “me” back.

        I wish I could help you. You have been such a help to me. If there is anything, just ask, please. I don’t write much on here because if I start, I might not be able to stop. LOL. So much craziness over such small things….(shaking my head in dismay). Peace to you and all of your followers out there!


        1. Carrie Reimer Post author

          Thank you Kim, I appreciate it I truly do but I am fine. He really isn’t causing me stress, he is not so all powerful like he thinks. He can’t compete with God and I know I have god on my side. A prayer once in a while wouldn’t hurt though LOL


  4. Aurora Morealist

    Hi, Carrie:
    It will NEVER STOP – when I finally got the courage to leave my heinously verbally and mentally abusive ex who was cruel beyond inhumane (as he often said and apologized for himself again when I left) – he could no longer hurt me. But, in a way commonly known among abusers, he decided to chase my best friend (for lack of a better term, really, because she clearly was not or ever despite our very close 20 years of friendship). They are together still and he LIED in court, blatantly LIED. How did he get away with this? The judge apparently was more willing to hear him out than me because both the lawyer and I were shut down at every turn while he was allowed to crack jokes and had a flask of vodka inside his blazer while doing so, even asking to go to the washroom twice!!! To nip of course but no way I could say that, I wasn’t given any chance to say much of anything. So 32 years of my life was falsified by him, then 20 by her who betrayed me in such conniving ways – knowing full well what I endured – that I can only say they deserve one another. As for your questions: 1) If you were on the job long enough you may have a leg to stand on, check it out but not sure if this matters with you on disability now. 2)Thank you for the heads up. So much sneakiness under false names has happened on my blog, I think I’d see it. It’s usually fairly obvious fairly quickly. 3) I think you may have a legal recourse on him using your email/and/or name. Save any and ALL records, use the snipping tool to capture online interactions – they can’t be denied that way – and just keep good records of the dates/times/the actions. That way if you have to file a harassment charge, you have your records and evidence in hand. I wish I had known to do this when it was all still going on. Ah well. Too upset at the time anyway. Both him and her left me voice mails/letters that were collectively abusive, negating and putting me down. Imagine, first he does it for decades, then she joins him. Nuts. 4. I am out physically but mentally they shoved me into PTSD in 2011 and I may never, as the counselor said, get back to where I once was. That’s okay. I am not THERE. If this is it for me, this is it. So glad to be out. It’s so insidious, much passes under the radar until it’s too late. Take good care of yourself, Girl, hugs and much love xo ❤ ❤ ❤ PS Please do not ever stop blogging. You are a voice for many who do not yet know how to get out themselves. Even me. Yes, I am out. But the abuse continues just as in your situation, the unjust unfairness of person determined to have their way. Let them, I say. Let them. Eventually their true colors will be apparent to the world. What a crazy place to try to pick on someone anyway – right here on the EVERnet where anything can be captured and saved into eternity. The intelligence levels simply slay me. 😉


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Janis, thank you so much!! I will never stop blogging, he took enough away from me. but like he said himself when I was heart broken, “You always do better without me.” He had plans to make me regret not having him, I can see it now, he was going to make sure to destroy anything good that came my way but God is good and turned everything he tried into a positive. It must be frustrating as hell to plot someone’s destruction for over two years only to have every attempt you make turn into gold for the person. LOL Now that is Karma at her best!!


    2. missnadinelouise

      Omg Aurora…. Excuse my French but what a c^nt of a life… I canot even imagine after all that time how wonderful but daunting and doubtful lev life is these days x


  5. safirefalcon

    About the job…It’s probably different in each state, And that’s if you’re in the US.

    When I lost a job for pretty much the same reason as you state here, I called and was able to get unemployment. The only reason being that they are required by this state’s law to give warning first that the employee is in danger of losing the position if things don’t change.

    Turned out to be blessing even though I left crying. I was let go and told to leave that very same moment as soon as I could gather my things. No warning is what the technicality was. So see if your state has that policy you will be eligible for unemployment.

    And BTW: Unemployment is all done over the phone now. No standing in lines like in the ‘old days.’


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Safirefalcon, thank you for your comment. yeah I left in tears, had to hand over the truck etc and get my mom to pick me up. but I had a heart failure and ended up on disability benefits anyway. I found $5000 I forgot I had in a bank I no longer deal with so was able to take that money and put it towards purchasing my little cabin on the lake and buy a cheap car. Every thing turned out for the best anyway.
      and yes I know unemployment is done over the phone or internet I have been on hold for the better part a day once. Govt cutbacks!
      I am so happy these days I don’t think even JC can bring me down.


  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Carrie, this is so, so much like my sister who changed her surname & disassociated from family who I had to take to court on restraining order because she also was contacting my subbers, demanded the list of email addresses of my subbers, and then commenced a blog telling the “truth” about Daniel which, when knowing it was legally wrong called it about “Donny & Noreen”!!! It was nuts. I had to block her email address over 30 times (from memory) as she created that many aliases. It was extraordinary stuff, all hateful, all stressful.

    No, he won’t break you. You see, sistergirl, he can’t: we are women.


  7. Carrie Reimer Post author

    Noeleen, thank you, yes I thought of what you went through right away when I found his blog. but you know, his blog is so full of bullshit it is to the point of overkill. If I was someone reading it I would immediately go over to Ladywithatrucks blog to see what she was saying. He is taking a real chance!! He recently moved to a new town so he figures he can recreate himself but he can never keep up the charade for long. Even if they don’t believe me and think I am a bitch I don’t care, eventually his true colours will show and everyone that read my blog (people who never would have found it if not for him directing them to my blog haha) remember what I said and they see it for themselves he won’t be able to con his way out of it because every one will be on to him. I am actually thinking of doing nothing. I have everything to gain and he has everything to lose. Let him hang himself. I don’t have a child to worry about like you did with Daniel and the shit he wrote about my brother and son are so far in the past who cares. the stuff about me is stuff that only someone who doesn’t know me would believe. The only thing I feel I should do something about is him calling my job and now I think he has called the resort where I live and pretended to be an unhappy neighbor. Someone complained that I am keeping them awake at night fighting with some guy. It is ridiculous because I never have company!! certainly not at night and not a male!! So it is easy enough to prove false but what will he do next?



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