5 Early Warning Signs You Are With A Narcissist

Here is a link to an awesome article on early warning signs you are with A narcissist. I saw every single one of them and didn’t know what I was seeing, at the most I thought he was a little selfish and that I could “fix” him.
That should be our first sign- we think we can fix them. We are so special we are going to do what no one before us was able to do; our special love is going to make them considerate, honest; faithful, (after all he only screwed around because she was such a psycho bitch, he only hit her because she wasn’t rational like you)

Anyway I found this article interesting. I was surprised when he says beware of the guy who exbounds on his wonderful childhood. JC always talked about his wonderful childhood.



Re(Creations) by Carrie Reimer 778-344-4974

6 thoughts on “5 Early Warning Signs You Are With A Narcissist

  1. Trip X

    this is spot on!! Even though this is written describing a man, it fit my ex wife including the pedestal description that I had not seen before. When she discovered 7 years into our marriage that I had feet of clay, I was quite unprepared for the following 11 years of hell. Now I see why the change in our relationship happened and it explains her behavior though it doesn’t excuse it. Thank you Carrie!


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      I am glad I was able to provide some answers for you. when the discarding starts we are so broadsided we don’t know what hit us or why; shell shocked and paying for a crime we didn’t commit. No there is never an excuse for the abuse they dish out. i didn’t understand for so long and used to say to JC, “I would never blame you for not loving me, there is no crime in that; but it is wrong to not love someone, not let them go and be angry at them because you don’t love them.” I didn’t realize that he can’t love anyone and no one will ever love them enough.
      you are welcome.


  2. Tasha Mendez

    Mine writes me poems and tells me he things he doesnt exhibit to me ..like another person out there…nice for a bit then off he goes into drug induced land and I am the enemy..



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