5 thoughts on “Jerk Whisperer

  1. jaco

    Did you know we have more than a million miles of veins in our bodies? Why don’t polar bears eat penguins, because they live on opposite sides of the poles. How many eggs does chicken hatch a day= 1. the earth does not revolve around the sun. The sun and earth are moving with the expaqnsion of the universe, and the earth is tilting on its own axis spinning as it makes extremely UN-Uniform circles around the sun, while the moon is circling the earth the whole time. Our universe is expanding, you would think that might have an effect on species (like humans) like maybe we would expand our thinking, and our intellect, and move cohesively through time and space without bumping into one another like a bunch of bumbling bum heads.


  2. jaco

    i played piano in music school getting my BM in jazz. This one drummer, little guy, kept saying wise cracks. I listened for weeks, until i came up to him and said, “do you want to hear a sonic boom….its pretty cool.” He said “i guess so”. So I grabbed his hand cymbals and slammed them into one another (his head was between the cymbals) I never had a problem with him again.



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