The Narcissist’s New Girlfriend

Another old post that might help those of you struggling with their ex being “so happy” with their new victim.

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I was reading posts on one of the many “victims of narcissistic abuse” support forums and one of the women posted this link.

I found it very therapeutic, because as much as I hate to admit it; I do feel it isn’t fair he’s gone off and found “happiness” and is giving her all the things I had asked for and he denied me.

I know in my logical mind he hasn’t changed, simply by the way he treats me and talks about me. If he had changed he wouldn’t be lying now. He would admit his mistakes instead of still blaming me for everything.

If he had changed he would be getting hold of his sister and apologizing and at the very least he would have gone to her when she tried to commit suicide.

Anyway, following is an article that really helped me deal with “the new girlfriend”…

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4 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s New Girlfriend

  1. Beenthere

    Perfect timing. Today I go to court to try to divorce my husband- I’ve been trying to 2.5 years- and now he’s game now that he’s getting married in Oct. to a gal that he started seeing in May. I feel so sorry for her; she has *NO IDEA* what she’s in for.
    It’s true- they do not change. I felt the same way for a long while- the new girl got what I had- well guess what? She only lasted 6 months. Narcissists are in love with the honeymoon stage, and once it’s over they decide you are “flawed”- they find reasons to leave, even if those reasons are not true.


    1. missnadinelouise

      Hmmmmmm…I haven’t seen this one…. Not that it applies just yet… But I’m sure it will… And definately did in the past…


  2. Teresa Matthews

    I met my Mr. Wonderful at an Apartment community when my a/c went out. This was Oct. 3, 1994. My 3 children and I lived on money from the state and food stamps. He bought us nice things, took us on vacations, he traveled a lot but I trusted him. He was kind, giving, caring and made a point to tell me how faithful he was sexually as he had never cheated on any of his girlfriends! Actually, he told me just what I wanted to hear. He was a bachelor at 36 yes. old so I never had to put up with exe’s or any children of his. It didn’t take long to see signs of his weirdness but I made excuses for them. After the marriage I realized that he isolated a lot which didn’t bother me until I was told by him that he had masterbated to porn that day. He cashed in all his 401k for sex machine business which failed due to me, young cleaning girl in his shop while I was working but she didn’t clean the shop. My son called to tell me but I trusted Tony. I got at least 5 different stories when I asked him about it 18 months later. He kept lying until I mentioned young girl with bandana on, his face went gray. But he denied anything happened. Two years later he asked me to come to shop with bandana on. He apologized quick. He filmed girl for sex machine business alone. When I said I thought that was his hand on her butt, I was sent to bed in my own house. I was let know that I would never be on his bank account, never have his password and his sex life was his business. I through him out Oct. 2011 due to looking at 14 yr. Old girl tied up, gagged with ponytails in her hair but still took him back! He is living somewhere else now but trying to find out about me through my son. Has told me he wants to come back home but wants me to apologize and ask him back. He rented a place, secretly moved all he wanted from the house for two weeks. I didn’t kick him out or I would have packed his clothes for him. He took things I had asked him not to. He left me unemployed and emotional drained. I paid him out of debt at the beginning of marriage, spent 71k in stock money and he left me in debt! He doesn’t want divorce so he can claim me on IRS. I hope he wants to marry someone else soon so I can date. I won’t commit adultery so I’m ready to get rid of him and his freak family. Mommy dearest has 4 kids, no grandkids. God isn’t stupid. His sister can’t get date off dating services. None have friends either. He’s a sadistic, atheist who thinks he’s so smart. He makes over 4k a month but hardly gives me any money and bitchs cause he does. I don’t believe anything he has to say now. I saw in his porn collection women tied up and purple, clothes pins on privates and probably child porn. Surely prostitutes. All that fame and fortune he’s seeking may be on the news here in Florida now. What will his mommy think? He took computer to N.C. after I found young girl. He has never done that in 17 years so….he blamed me stating he was afraid I would break it. I feel his mommy dearest is cause of deceased son’s suicide from paranoid shizophenia. She bare butt spanked them when they teens not when they were young. Tony admitted if people knew what he was into, they would see him as a freak and he did think something was wrong with him due to sadomasochism. Which he is in strong and he scares me looking at young girls!!! That’s probably where fame comes to him.



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