The Hindsight

It’s all about you!


6 thoughts on “The Hindsight

  1. I have a question that maybe some of you can answer. Is it typical for the N to leave jewelry, undergarments, & other items (lipstick) from another girlfriend lying around in a place where he knows I will find it? In my NB’s car I found a tube of lipstick under the seat-wasn’t mine. This morning, I found an earring -again,not mine- in the pocket of a pair of shorts. Is this another one of his sick games?


    1. Paula, that is very typical of a narcissist, they get off on your pain, anger, jealousy
      They need constant proof of your love so they leave clues to their infidelity so you will find it and be hurt, thus proving to him that he has the power to make you miserable. That you care.
      He wants attention whether it is love, anger, sadness makes no difference to him; as long as he can get a reaction he is getting attention.
      My ex left clues all the time. And then get angry when I confronted him with what I’d found. In retrospect I realize a lot of evidence I found was set up by him.
      Sick bastard


  2. Try this one.

    My ex N left pictures of his ex scattered all over his bed where I would find them. I let it eat at me for days. Later, I found them in the trash, save one that was on his dresser. I finally asked him about it and told him it bothered me. His reply:

    “I was just looking at them to let her go so you and I can move on with our life together.”

    (This girlfriend was the only one that ever dumped HIM, and was from 6 years prior)

    I never acted jealous of her because I knew she had hurt him, but was very upset that he chose to continuously want to get together with ex’s (including one that flashed him and rubbed up against him in public. and talked about how great he was in bed. (No, I’m not kidding)

    He always accused me of being “jealous” when I tried to explain it just made me uncomfortable being with women he had slept with (he was never able to understand this.-No Empathy)

    So anyway, the girlfriend he had the pictures of..and let go we could be closer..He dumped me a year later and said, ” You were always so jealous of the others, but she was the one you really should have been worried about.”

    They are masters of deception. I was crazy-made constantly. If your gut says go. Get Out!


    1. Teensy I had almost the exact same experience with my ex and one of his ex’s. He kept saying he was just spending time with the son they shared. I fought that feeling in my gut. Two years later I found his journal and I had been right all along. He must have really enjoyed that.


  3. Thanks Carrie,
    Sometimes I just can’t believe how stupid I was. If I had heard this story from one of my friends I would have thought the guy was a jerk and told her to dump him.
    He just twisted things around so much.


    1. Teensy, please don’t say you were stupid, that means we all were stupid! LOL no one understands unless they have been there. All you can do now is look forward and take control of your happiness. The only reason to look back is to remember how evil he was, not to beat yourself up.There is a bright future ahead of you, look forward and leave the past in your dust.


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