When you find a snake in your yard, kill it

One of the commenters said ” I have come to know a few people who don’t believe evil exists. Once you have met evil, you never doubt its existence. ” Don’t we all know that!! I thought this was well worth sharing.

How Leaders Manage


An old man is riding a tractor through the field, bush hogging (mowing) the tall grass between the apple trees.  Sitting on the edge of the tractor, above the hub of the wheel, is his grandson Charlie.   Row after row…..

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One Reply to “When you find a snake in your yard, kill it”

  1. I really liked this, the wisdom it imparted. It reminds me of another one about a frog and scorpio who are about to drown. The scorpion nake pleads with the frog to let him . rideon his back to get them both out of danger. The frog refuses, saying No, you’re a scorpion nake, you’ll bite me. The scorpion nake pleads & pleads, finally the frog relents making the scorpion promise not to sting him, which he promises not to. Thescorpion gets on his back, and 1/2 way down the river the scorpion stings him. The outraged frog says YOU PROMISED NOT TO STING ME IF I HELPED YOU. To which the scorpion calmly replies, What did you expect? I’m a scorpion, after all!!


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