Can They Hack Your Phone-Why Would They

A few women have voiced concern about the N being able to hack into their phone or computer. If he is willing to invest a bit of cash and time he can know every move you make.
Why would he care if he has a new woman and seems so happy? Because he is a Narcissist that’s why!!

I know for a fact that my ex had a hidden camera that he used to watch me while he was in the barn and I was in the trailer. I found it while dusting. I also know for a fact that he video taped us having sex on at least 2 occasions. Because his son found one of them on his laptop.

But he expected me to believe that he did not have some sort of transmitting device planted under the trailer and going out to the barn where he listened in on the conversations his sister and I had when he was not in the trailer. But it was his sister that found the wire going from the barn, over the fence and under the trailer.

I suspected he had some sort of tracking device on my truck because one day while driving with his sister in my truck we heard a male’s voice come from the dashboard of the truck. It sounded like someone talking on a cell phone. We all looked at the glove box; even Kato. It was Kato looking at the glove box that convinced Denise (his sister) and I weren’t imagining it.

Only a few weeks earlier JC had insisted on putting a new radio in my truck, which confused me because it was exactly like the one he took out. I had asked him why he bothered; it was the same radio, not a CD player, a simple stock radio like the one in the truck. He had some explanation that didn’t make sense to me and I was kinda pissed because after he put in the new radio my heater stopped working.

After we heard the voice Denise took everything out of the glove box but didn’t find anything unusual. We checked under the hood but of course had no idea what we were looking for and didn’t know how to get the dashboard off to check behind it. I asked a few people what they thought and they all looked at me like I was crazy. But where did the voice come from? The radio was not on and we most definitely heard a voice. A transmitter can pick up on other frequencies such as baby monitors and cell phones.

After my heart attack he had come to me full of lies and apologies, professing his undying love. He said he wanted to help me be successful like him. I told him it was over and I couldn’t be his friend. He interrupted me and told me to just let it play out. I found out later through Facebook that he had proposed only a few days prior to coming to me. I sent a lengthy email to his new woman and him describing our whole relationship and then didn’t hear from him again.

Time goes on and he finds my blog, he had mentioned in one of his comments on my blog, using the name of Norma Rockwell; that any techie can hack into someone’s cell phone using their GPS.

Then I got the job at CCon. I was still living at the hell trailer but working for CCon when one morning I get a phone call on my cell. I didn’t recognize the number and had intermittent cell service at the trailer so didn’t answer the call. When I got down the hill I parked at the Husky Station and checked for messages; there were none so I called the number back. It went to JC’s voicemail. I dropped the phone in my rush to disconnect. I immediately was suspicious; why would he call and not leave a message and then 1/2 hour later not pick up the phone when I called back. I immediately suspected somehow he had connected to my phone, but what could I do? Anyone I mentioned it to thought I was paranoid.

Time goes on and I get a company truck to drive, I move into the resort and because of the trucks size I must park it on the road beside the resort.

After a couple of months Colin the mechanic is replacing the deck on the truck and comes to me and says, “Do you know anyone who would want to track your where abouts?”
I asked why he was asking and he opened his hand and there was what looked like a couple of odd shaped nails or something. He told me it was a tracking device that he found under the deck of my truck. I told him about JC.

At some point shortly after the owner at CCon got a call from an “anonymous” concerned citizen saying that they had seen me parked at the Husky Station in the company truck smoking crack and drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade. As bizarre as it is the company believed him and I was let go. They said it wasn’t just the phone call, that I wasn’t productive enough and they wanted a young muscle bound guy who could chuck steel. That was not what I was hired for and I have since sent a long letter disputing the whole reason I was let go; just because of the principle of the matter, but due to my health it all worked out anyway and to fight it in court would be stressful and I value my health more than being dragged back into shit JC has caused in my life.

But when they said this caller had seen me at the Husky I was even more convinced the call that morning must have been JC hooking into my GPS some how. The thing is the Husky is 5 minutes from my home, why on earth would I sit at the Husky doing drugs and drinking when I could just go home? It doesn’t even make sense, but CCon would not have thought of that when a cool calm and collected citizen called them. And how better to ruin my life than to get me fired.

Then I hear that the neighbour complained about fighting coming from my place in the middle of the night. I text messaged about it to several people and I got it resolved because it never happened.

But a couple of months later the previous owner who holds my mortgage calls me and is angry because she just got an email saying the fighting going on is disrupting all my neighbors. I tell her there is no fighting going on, I never have company. I wrote a letter to the management board and went in person to talk to them and they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. They hadn’t had any complaints and no one had contacted the previous owner. So who did contact the previous owner??

Then I found JC’s blog, any time he talks about me he says I am a meth addict; he said it in comments and now in his blog. He always goes on about how much money he had to spend to keep me in drugs. As with all narcissists he is accusing me of what he undoubtedly was doing himself. But I noticed that the concerned citizen said I was smoking crack. So he doesn’t want anyone to think he made the call so he changed the drug name. In his blog he says that I laid on the couch every day while he worked 24/7 keeping me supplied in Tim Horton’s, my vodka coolers, meth, and smokes. I thought why would he say vodka coolers when he knows I always used to drink Mike’s. Then he mentioned that I had been fired from CCon because a “concerned citizen” called the owner of CCon. I had to wonder how he would know that seeing as I had told no one. I immediately copied and saved his blog entries and then text messaged a friend that I had proof he had made the call to CCon.
I went back into his blog after about an hour and the part about why I got fired had been removed.
Kinda makes you go hmmmmm ………
Another thing he says in his blog is that I am from Chilliwack, to make it look like he doesn’t know where I live.

It is all subtle things that someone might not pick up on unless they were familiar with how a narcissists mind works.

It is very dangerous. If someone tells enough people the same lies about a person eventually; because of the gossip grape vine, it becomes fact.

So far in my mind he is only hanging himself. He has gone too far in his elaborate account of how I used and abused him for anyone I know to believe him but it is scary to think that after almost 3 years and even though he is with the love of his life he is still that intent on ruining my life.

He uses ladywithatruck and my name in his blog in an obvious attempt to have it come up when people Google ladywithatruck. That is one reason I don’t comment on his blog; because any place I comment will appear when someone Googles my name. I figure anyone who reads his blog will automatically come over to my blog to see what I am saying and he will be exposed for what he is. His blog is a platent attempt to slander me whereas my blog is obviously intended to help people who have suffered at the hands of a Narcissist.

So beware, do not ever under estimate the depths they’ll go to in order to destroy you.

If you suspect some one has hacked into your phone or computer talk to a techie, not the store you bought it from but some computer geek who knows the tricks hackers use. I went to the place I bought my phone and the kid said it wasn’t possible I talked to a friend of a friend who is a computer techie and most definitely someone can hack into anything they want.

Not to make you paranoid, but I am using my own experiences as an example of what they can do if they are sick enough.

Hugs to everyone!!


22 thoughts on “Can They Hack Your Phone-Why Would They

  1. It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you, and you know he is!

    It’s sad that strangers and even friends will believe an abuser long before they will believe the victim and so we continue to be victimized over and over again. At the first hint of (made up) drama, they are eager to just “get rid of the (potential) problem” by letting you go from a job or ending a friendship or whatever.

    If I ever get to be Queen of the Universe for a day, these wrongs will be dealt with 🙂


    1. Sofia, in general people love hearing the dirt on someone and are more than willing to pass the gossip along and embellish it along the way. The narcissist often uses this to his advantage to get people to do his dirty work for him. He usually starts the character assassination long before they end the relationship, laying the ground work ahead of time so by the time you split everyone believes you are a psycho bitch that is out to ruin his life. Eventually people figure him out to be a liar but usually after the damage has been done.
      If you are Queen of the Universe for a day can you please exile them all to a tiny island somewhere far away please?
      Thanks for commenting Sofia

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  2. I am glad to get alittle more of your history Carrie, its funny the details are different but their malice and intent to bring real harm to our lives. I remember being so shocked that someone who declared all this love for me to go to great lengths and do all in his power to have me and my child chucked in the streets, homeless. I’m a single mom and Thank God have a measure of stability but a year & half ago I was on extremely shakey ground, a breath away from homelessness. He would scream, cuss, carry on, like he wanted my son & I put into the street. He had left me for dead on road sides I don’t know how many times, then rush back to where I was staying to take anything of value, to leave me destitute with a kid to feed. He told EVERYONE he paid for all our needs, LITERALLY PAID EVERYTHING, which was a straight up lie. God blessed me with this apartment, he tried so hard to get me put out. Called the management saying I won’t pay rent, use drugs, you name it. But, Thanks be to God, none of his efforts succeeded. It really blows my mind, I mean, couples argue, but certain don’t cross. You can’t unring a bell ya know. Thanks for sharing ur post. We all on this blog share a lot of the.same.experiences and feelings.


    1. Cheryl, they don’t care if you are out on the street they actually want that. In their sick minds that makes them superior and for whatever reason they can’t stand it if an ex actually moves on and is happy. My ex also cries to anyone who will listen that he paid for everything and I was lazy and a black hole that he kept pouring money into that never got full. He is so full of BS his eyes should be brown and anyone who knows us knows he is lying even his own family. If I wasn’t working it was because he had disabled my truck and couldn’t work. The things he stole from me, my God I can’t even start to list it all from my coin jar to scrap off my truck to money I gave him in good faith for fuel when he was trucking. But through the whole 10 years it was the one thing we fought about the most. I kept all my receipts and that wasn’t good enough he just changed the facts to suit him, doctored his records. I just gave up fighting it.
      Thanks for commenting cheryl

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      1. You know I was reading your response to another, you were talking about how they want everyone to think we are crazy, off the chain, nut-cases, and start laying the ground work even b4 the relationship falls apart. The thing that irked me about myself was, WHY in the h3ll do I even care what these other people we had in common think? But, ya know, I did, I felt I had to defend myself, prove he was a liar, validate my character to these people. Now that I think about it, what a waste of time! Not to mention I was reacting exactly as he wanted me to!


        1. Cheryl, I think it is just a natural reaction to want to defend yourself. I used to try not to bite the bait even with defending myself to him. He had the nerve to lie about me to me and I knew how futile defending myself myself was but its very hard, you don’t want people believing this horrible things about you especially when your intentions were pure.
          I didn’t defend myself to others, for one thing I didn’t know he was


  3. I have sensed my soon-to-be-XN has been spying on me for some time now. He knows where I am, who I’ve been talking to, details he couldn’t know otherwise. I wish I knew someone who could help me prove it. From what I understand, that is illegal and he could go to jail, long enough for our son to reach age 18, when I won’t have to deal with him and visitation anymore. How do I find such a tech person?? Jail would be a bonus, but I want my privacy.


    1. It’s hard to prove because you have to prove it is him. My ex was always going into spy stores and looking things up on the net. He had all sorts of gadgets and when I would ask him where he got it he would always say he’d had it for ages.
      I still don’t have solid enough proof to charge him, I know he has done it just from the evidence I wrote about in the post but how would I prove it? I don’t know. I happen to have a couple of friends who had it done to them and they are the one’s to tell me yes it is very possible.
      If they can hack into your phone they can track you on the GPS, see your pictures, your text messages, listen in to your phone calls, plus see every where you go on the internet. They can also use the camera to view you and listen to your conversations even when you aren’t on the phone.
      Really scary.


    1. Greeneyes, I would be concerned. Is he a techie kinda guy? I would be tempted to set him up somehow, feed him some false information and see if he mentions it. Like I don’t know, get a girlfriend to play along and talk about him or make phoney plans for something.
      JC’s sister and I did that and sure enough when we got home he started talking about the exact thing we had been talking about but defending himself. I forget exactly what it was I had said but she said we weren’t home 15 minutes and he brought the subject up.
      Still not solid proof but certainly suspicious.


      1. Hi Carrie,
        It’s TV (GreenEyesAbove) no longer exists. I am now on word press as Recovering From Narcissism
        I am as of TODAY replying to his Court Summons/complaint that I owe him $8,000.
        It is unfounded – WE ARE STILL MARRIED. LOL
        well…just wanted to tell you I had to go with a different wordpress.
        Also I have to reply to him with a CC of the answer I am filing back to the court. Courts told me even though I have a restraining order in that state he is still living in, I MUST send him a CC.
        Love TV


  4. Yup,
    My ex told everyone that I was a slob and a hoarder (because my room had clothes on the floor and he was an absolute OCD neatfreak) He told all our friends including my best friend I had grown up with that he couldn’t visit me because he was disgusted by the way I lived. He was crying however, when I told him that I wouldn’t visit him at his new apartment because his ex lived there with her boyfriend (His best friend by the way, he slept with his BF’s girlfriend) He said ” so you won’t come visit me anymore” with tears in his eyes..”Well, I guess I should have expected that”
    I’ve never seen someone turn from being a bully to being a sad sack victim in my life!
    So, my best friend finally let me know that she thought it was pretty strange that he was talking about me behind my back, and especially to her. Basically, I was my same, outgoing, clean, helpful self and people started to see him as kind of a jerk…forgetting my birthday, buying me a used shirt for Christmas..not giving me anything or taking me out on Valentines day, and flirting with other women in front of me.
    This is when those people were “making him look bad” by giving their girlfriends gifts. It was explained to me that, “If you took care of your things the way I’m sure his girlfriend does, I would give you a nice gift”
    When I called him after 5 years of no contact what did he say?
    So, I have a tenant that is a bigger hoarder than you. 5 years..that’s what he said. Oh, and at the end of the phone call? He said “? Will you call again? I would really like to talk more. He let me know he had a girlfriend (poor her) again, it was all about me contacting him and he never called me.
    He was practically on a “high” when his ex’s would call him when we were together. Giddy, really.
    But as far as I know he never called them first.
    They lie. There is absolutely no way to be intimate with these people because they find your weaknesses, and flaws and secrets and then use them. They are like spies. The enemy.
    They really just want to destroy you.
    I finally gave up everything I had. New apartment. Great job. My friends. My city. Moved away and the lies continued.


    1. Teensy, all our stories sound so familiar don’t they? It seems sometimes the only way to get free of them is to move, which I did, an hour and 1/2 away, changed where I did business because it was in his town and told everyone who knew us that I didn’t want to hear anything about him. But 3 years later he is still obsessing about me and trying to destroy me. It does gets tiring after a while to deal with their childish antics.


  5. Carrie, I believe your story and my heart goes out to you! My narcissist dad did a similar thing to me, and last spring hacked my facebook account… I found out through my sibling still at home who found it logged into my page on their brand new computer (I had never seen the computer before, or been home in 7 years) he also made a fake facebook account of my boyfriend and started friending my friends and sending innappropriate messages to them via my bf’s name… it was creepy! 😦 Never underestimate the crazy things a Narcissist will do, I guess!


    1. Invisiblegirl, that’s so sick!! Why on earth would a father do that?? Never mind!! Because he is sick!!.
      ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) its amazing you are a normal healthy caring person. How is your blog going? I am sure there are many young people dealing with this kind of thing.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


      1. Thanks Carrie! My blog is going well so far. I was going to add to it every day, although some days its just emotionally hard to write. But I am really glad to be doing it. (((HUGS to you!))) 🙂


  6. Hi Carrie I posted something on your god sent I cant call it a blog; doesn’t do it justice so My reference to your extremely profound wisdom of which I have not conceived a title for but thank you for sharing andDon’t be shy, add your comments

    your teaching! Anyway I can honestly say I am now an expert on Narcissism, social paths, psychopaths, bipolar 1, bipolar 2, uni polar, schizophrenia , schizoaffective disorder disorder, add, adhd, ocd, I became obsessed so much that I read, u tubed, interviewed physicist, etc… So what! I did it because I found you here because I had know clue what was happening to me; By my girlfriend , she was very smart and hid it well for first year and a half, Then Jekyll/ Hyde showed its evil self! And wow? In my study’s correct me if im wrong but many years ago the Narcissist label came from people thinking they were vampires! Not like Dracula garbage, but one that will suck the life out of there victim! I’m still here (for some reason)? to tell you I almost died because of her! I really didn’t understand until I read some of your “profound Wisdom” but I sure do now, Hell I have 4 black belts in 4 different forms of martial arts, Joe Lewis/ Bruce Lee as leaders been into body building, running.etc on the cover of a book! Have always been a go getter and she made me give up? I quit everything and have a few business as well but pretty much became attached to my bed and went to a major deppression, I wanted to lie in my bed and just die! I’ll stop boring Ur bloggers now just wanted to make sure they understand how sick a Narcissist really is its the same as a social path but a social path doesn’t normally need the N supply when the go out! They are the same to some degree at some level no different then Charles Manson, Ted Bundy!!!! James Town etc… Don’t need to keep listing but they also are the only psychiatric illness that shows no remorse,no , no empathy, cannot love, no consequences, will give you some cute name as mine did like baby! Ill take a try polar and all the above put together before I will ever be duped into a “N” ut job that hopefully goes to hell sooner than later! So im writing a book but I wanted to ask you if you could email me my first blog to you sent on July 21,2013 oh and my name is Shawn:) I wanted to show my mother because its taken me 5 months since I sent the bitch to jail to halfway get my family back, I know you said you cant beat them at there own game but maybe I’ll be the first? Who knows but she still lives in one of my rental houses 3 blocks away no contact at all with her since 4/30/13 Jail day for her but her new game is filling out crap mail? and putting my home address on it! Lol, I know why, she wants me to continue to see her name! I don’t care anymore! She still does drive byes I spent $ 17000.00 on new gates, locks, alarm, cameras. Gun, stun gun, pepper spray, u name it because she would break in and smash things hit me, kick me u name it! I never hit her back but maybe I should have, but I was brought up to never hit a lady, I only protected myself from her and she would usually end up hurting herself from falling down drunk or me blocking her! I have so many videos of her punching, at me throwing bottles of Listerine in my eyes her crawling naked through my house because she cant stand up to drunk and the next day she would say it never happen then Id show her pic, video and she would say grow up and quit living in the past! I hope she dies! And I’m a really nice person but she gonna kill the next smuck who has no clue, hope he is strong as i was because i was close to it and she even told me that towards the end! Bitch! Thank You Shawn,!!!Bless all of you N victims! Don’t give them power show know emotion if you cross paths with an x sick crazy N. devil! I could say so much more about how they operate but maybe a different chapter ! Sorry about spelling errors if any? Im a numbers guy:)


    1. Wow Shawn! You give me too much credit but glad i could help i could some way for you to reality what you were involved with. And good on you for having her arrested. I will check back and look for that post right now.


  7. Would like to also include some of your material in book at some point? I don’t know when I have a few books going and maybe we could work something out? I never even heard the term Narcissist until my x girlfriend who called me one and then said go look it up! She would get so angry because later on I figured out her game and she can think outside the box, but met an unachievable match because I got rid of my box. Thats when she got very abusive because she couldn’t figure out how to win! And at that point I was pretty up on her disorder and kinda used it against her because everyone else is stupid and beneath her ! Wow the story’s I could tell! Ty so much for all you have done you are an Angel Shawn


  8. Same her. My phone and laptop hacked. I even suspect my car computer but that requires a more detailed response. I didn’t realise people could do any of those things for a long time so he used the information he was getting to gaslight me and psychologically terrorise me.

    I too have fallen into that zone where few believe me but hey I know its true and while other people are in denial they remain vulnerable.


  9. Police failures, I never knew it was possible either, it seems like something out of a TV show or something and it does sound really paranoid. But they are really paranoid, JC used to eavesdrop on my conversations all the time, He never got home before me. I would go home and leave again just to try to get home later than him but it never happened. I thought maybe he was sitting hiding somewhere waiting for me to get home and then he would come 10 minutes later but now I think he was tracking me on my phone.
    Being with him was quite an education, I was very naive when I met him. Not any more.
    Thanks for your comment.


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