Does A Narcissist Ever Apologize?

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Someone searched “Does a Narcissist Ever apologize” so I thought I would answer that question from my experience with a narcissist.

The simple answer is NO! I have never received an honest apology from him in 10 years!

A typical apology from him went something like this, “I am sorry I let you get to me”.
“You drove me to it, but I should have walked away”
“Any real man would have hit you sooner, but I should have been stronger”
“I knew right from the start you had problems but I thought I could handle it, I should have known better”.

When I caught him with personal ads it was my fault:
When I have to deal with THIS (me crying, angry, showing emotion over just discovering yet another personal ad or love letter to another woman), of course I am going to look for other women.

You drive…

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7 thoughts on “Does A Narcissist Ever Apologize?

  1. Shawn Goble

    Absolutely never, they would bleed to death first! Unless they think you might buy their sincerity, but its a trap and you will pay dearly soon after!:(


  2. jmuss34

    Always love the “I’m sorry you feel that way but….blah blah blah” once again, putting everything back on you trying to make sure you question your feelings! Crazy making 101!


  3. loujean

    Oh dear oh dear.. My N contacted me today to say he has two laptops for my children lol.. How low is this idiot going to stoop.. He then went on to say would I reconsider us getting back together, how he can’t live without me, how he loves me so much and knows he’s made mistakes and wants to fix everything. My reply… No. Then I hung up lol.

    I hope you are all ok and staying strong. xxx



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