Let Me Count the Ways He Showed Me His Love

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Please bear with me as I do some self counseling. You see I have been missing my lately, well maybe I haven’t been missing my ex as much as; I guess, to be honest; I am jealous he seems so happy with his new conquest.

I tell myself that no one as manipulative, dishonest and violent as him could change that quickly just because he met the “perfect” woman. It just burns my butt that she is so smug about it, that she willingly plays the part for him so he can rub my nose in it. I know it is not very attractive of me to show this bitterness, but it is what I feel.

I am so resentful that I tried so hard to be self sufficient and independent yet supportive of him, tried to raise his son, help his sister, forgave time and time again and then…

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