Kato Loves His Teddy


Awwww Kato really loves his new squeaky teddy. Actually its an alligator but it squeaks like a duck he used to have.

Quite a few years ago I found a strange looking dog toy in the Petsmart dumpster while getting some metal dog kennels out. It was square in shape and consisted of 9 squares sewn together each with a squeaker in it and 4 feet sewn on it and a duck’s head on one end. It was the ugliest dog toy I’d ever seen but took it home anyway.

I gave it to him when I got in the truck and he fell in love with it immediately. He had never been that excited about a toy before. He packed his squeaky duck with him everywhere he went for years.

If you accidentally stepped on it in the middle of the night he would come running even if he was sound asleep. If he didn’t come when I called all I had to do was squeak his duck and he would come running.

He packed it with him all the time and then one day he packed it out into farmer’s field and forgot where he put it. He was so sad and I couldn’t find it.

This one doesn’t look anything like his squeaky duck but it sounds the same so I guess that’s why he bonded with it immediately.

Not such a big tough dog when he’s packing teddy.

There is life and light after the narcissist, I promise! Hugs Carrie

5 thoughts on “Kato Loves His Teddy

  1. safirefalcon

    Pets help you through, that’s for sure. I have a cat…and although not the same as a dog, he’s a character and makes me laugh all the time. Laughing is good. 🙂

    But…there is a dog I walk for a neighbor so he was actually an even bigger help, despite only seeing him an average of twice a week. The walking alone was helpful (still is). But the best part is going in the house, having him get up to greet me. And when I walk through he stands, leaning against me, wagging his tail. I tear up just thinking about it.

    So happy to see me and me all happy to see him too. When it was first over with the ex N, I was super grateful to this dog. Plus the owner was counting on me. I HAD to leave my house to go walk him, no matter how bad I felt.

    Kato is so cute laying there with his toy. Is he a Sharpei?


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Safirefalcon, yes he is a Shar-pei. I have had dogs my whole life and never had one with a personality like Kato, he is a one of a kind; a really old soul. He is such a clown but so intelligent and sensitive, the kind of dog I never had to train. He has never chewed a shoe, licked a face or jumped up on anyone, only ever gone to the bathroom in the house if he was sick. I didn’t even know he could bark for at least 3 months after I got him cuz he only barks if there is someone outside. Terribly protective, no one would ever come in the house or take the truck if he is around. I forgot the real estate agent was coming one day at 10 am I went for a shower and all of a sudden all hell was breaking loose in the living room. I jumped out of the shower, threw a towel around myself and went running dripping wet out to the living room and there was the realtor with his back pressed up against the door and Kato growling with his mouth right at the guys crotch. The realtor’s eyes were like two peeled eyes! He got in the house and the door closed, turned around and there was Kato, he didn’t dare move or he would have lost his family jewels. I called Kato and he came. The realtor always phoned ahead after that just to make sure Kato wasn’t there. lol
      I have always had cats too but nothing beats a dog for love and loyalty, and they care if you are sad.
      I used to take Kato for long long walks every day, or to the river where he would run until he couldn’t move any more but he is so crippled up now in his old age, his mind is willing but he just can’t walk more than a few blocks and even then it is a slow slow walk. I would like to be able to go for a good long walk, I need the exercise but even when I had Laila, Kato’s feelings would be so hurt if I took her and not him. after he is gone I will get another dog. I miss little Laila horribly I can’t imagine not having Kato. we’ve been together 9 years.
      That is great you get to walk the neighbors dog, I bet he is so happy to see you!! what kind of dog is he? When JC and I split Kato was the only reason I got up some days.
      Thanks for commenting


  2. safirefalcon

    I’m ambivalent about wishing I’d had a dog once Mr. X was gone and being glad I didn’t have one. I’m not sure I would’ve been capable of taking care of a dog’s needs at that point. And I was agoraphobic. So just leaving the house a few times a week was difficult.

    Doesn’t matter anyway. I didn’t have and and finances still won’t allow it at this time. The cat is easy,but it’s a trade off. It’s just not the same kind of affection. Cats don’t wag their tails when you get home and act like you’ve been gone for months even though it’s only been an hour. Lol.
    At least most cats don’t.

    But he’s cool. I rescued him after being given the boot from his original home. They claimed litter box issues. We don’t have a problem here though. And he goes outside a lot during nice weather. He insists on it. 🙂 He’s a beautiful black and white long haired kitty.

    The dog I walk is a mix. The owner told me he’s half German Shepherd and doesn’t know the other half. But I think by looking at him he’s half Rhodesian Ridge-back. He’s a big handsome guy. Thing is he’s got issues with certain dogs so I need to reel his attention in when we see them before he loses it, twisting, barking, etc. It’s rather traumatic actually and I get pretty angry. He used to be worse but he still has a tendency to lose it. I try to time my walks so we don’t see too much of anyone else. But it’s not an exact science.

    Kato is quite the watch dog. Good in some aspects. One thing is for sure…you can feel safe with him. That’s how I feel with the dog I walk even when I’m walking him at night.

    Hugs back.



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