Domestic Violence Death Toll

I was asked by Deliberate Donkey to do a guest post. I have never done a guest post before and was really quite nervous about it. Here if I screw up and write a post that isn’t so earth shattering I always have tomorrow or the next day to do better and I am never under the gun and write when the mood strikes me so I found myself at 2:00 am still editing the post and finally just said, enough is enough …..go to bed!!

Anyway here is the link to it.

Deliberate Donkey would be worth the visit anyway, Melanie is dedicated to ending the silence surrounding domestic violence, just as I am.

3 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Death Toll

  1. missouriflower

    Fascinating post Carrie. I see you evolving and moving forward in your life.

    My second husband was kind of like that with a history of abusing his first wife. I told him early on, that if he ever hit me, I was going to “nail his ass!”: I would not cover up for him, cover for him, make excuses for him, whatever – and I would swear out a warrant for his arrest!

    I told him I didn’t care how justified he might feel; no matter what his reasons might be. Hitting was a definite NO, NO I would enforce! I told him I would fight back and prosecute him to the full extent of the law! He knew I meant it too and he never did hit he! But these cats can’t change their stripes!.

    It eventually came to my attention, he was abusing my youngest daughter, and that’s exactly what I did! As soon as I knew, I hot-footed it over to the county sheriff’s department right after she told me,, and swore out at a warrant for his immediate arrest! He ended up serving time (6 years) in the state prison, and on probation for another 6. His parental rights were terminated, and I was divorced from him at the earliest opportunity.

    I guess sometimes, my will to protect myself at times makes me behave recklessly. This reminds me of a violent criminal I once knew (he spent time in prison for murdering 2 women with a shotgun!)…He was gonna throw a concrete block in my windshield at the time, and I got up in his face about it. Surprisingly he backed down like most of the men in my life too! It never occurred to me to be scared! Now I wonder if I had lost my mind because that cat was dangerous!

    Good luck with your goals. All my best wishes, Linda


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