Sociopaths are parasites in a world of hosts

Another excellent post by Paula. The truth hurts but it also sets you free.

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Sociopaths are parasites.

Sociopaths come in many shapes and sizes. They look like our neighbors, our bosses, our co-workers and even our best friends. They even come disguised as our soul mates. (Yikes!)

But the one thing all of these sociopaths have in common is their ability to suck us clean of every ounce of talent and goodness we have inside and then toss us on the side of the road leaving us wondering what we ever did to deserve such punishment.

Yes. We see the abuse inflicted upon us by the sociopath as punishment for something we did wrong. We committed a crime against the sociopath, and we must handle the punishment because all the sociopath ever wanted was for us to need him as much as he needed us.

In the beginning:

  • We were adored by the sociopath when he first met us.
  • We listened to the sociopath…

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2 thoughts on “Sociopaths are parasites in a world of hosts

  1. sonya

    Hi. Please help me. I am the youngest of a family of 6. My folks and siblings are all disordered in sum way.. My 3 kids are and my subsequent bf all were. I am the only empathy I know. I’m trapped with no one to talk to. I live with my folks.



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