My Favorite Picture of Kato



This post is for mostly for Connie because she asked for more stories about Kato and I have posted this picture before. 

I took this picture of Kato when he was about two years old. He was running around the house with something in his mouth, I called him over and he walked up to me and I just burst out laughing.

Can you tell what is in his mouth? Its a tooth brush, cute eh? BUT it isn’t just any toothbrush……’s JC’s toothbrush!!!!!rotflmao and I never told JC!!

I still laugh every time I see the picture. I have to admit it was a little passive aggressive of me. lol


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Picture of Kato

  1. Connie

    AAAAHAHAHAHAHAA!! That is a scream Carrie!! What a sweet little man!! And the toothbrush! Omg…that’s hilarious. Kato is such a cute guy….love those expressive eyes and those itty bitty ears! Tsk Tsk…doesn’t he know he shouldn’t run with something in his mouth!? Hahahahaha…. darling, just darling! Thanks for posting it. Still waiting for that action video of Kato racing around the hallways chasing you. Lol….



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