Now That’s a Water Dish



Our local Save-On Foods has this water feature in front of the store, Kato and I had been for a power walk haha Kidding!!! Kato and I don’t do power anything! It was more like a power stroll and he got thirsty.

He got up ok but the getting down he needed help.

I took the picture a few days ago, we have had nonstop rain for two days.

I miss the sunshine; only 7 months until spring! One thing I am thankful for is last year this time I was in that horrible tiny cold trailer with no running water, no insulation, no sewer and limited power. Thank you God I am not looking forward to another winter like that.

There is life and light after the narcissist, I promise! Hugs Carrie

2 thoughts on “Now That’s a Water Dish

  1. Robin Gough

    Thats a pretty cool water bowl! My (almost) 3 pound yorkie would Love it! She turned 10 on 9/21, also the anniversary if Hurricane Hugo. Shes resting easier these days as we moved out on our own 4 days ago. Wow, it seems strange saying that.



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