Because You Are Special, Just Like The Last One

A couple of years back I came across JC’s personal ad on a dating sight, I think it was “Fling”; his catch phrase (you know the one line that is supposed to be your “hook”) was………

You can’t be first but you could be next. 

which was closer to the truth than he intended or a woman might pick up on.

Below is a link to a “Letter to the new Girlfriend” I found over a year ago and it really helped me put the new woman into perspective. Perhaps it will help some of you struggling with self doubt and imagining your ex N treating the new woman better than he treated you.


2 thoughts on “Because You Are Special, Just Like The Last One

  1. Teensy

    When looking through an old journal, I found that I had jotted down some of his quotes that he had said during a period when I was trying to break up with him. He was explaining why he was so broken and commented that he had left a long line of broken hearts in his wake.
    His first love (the only woman that ever left him) had left him an empty shell and closed off to the world. He commented that he had been up front with these women by letting them know he was happy to date and sleep with them (I wonder now how “direct” he really was) but that it seemed to him that the more he went inside himself and ignored women the more they tried to “please him” and “draw him out of his shell” Those are quotes. I wrote them down. Then he asked me why they do that.
    By the way, when he finally dumped me, he accused me of being like “all the rest”



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