I have to be honest, I am struggling with something and I thought maybe I should share it seeing as it does have to do with JC and “No Contact”.

Some of you may know that JC popped up a couple of months ago just to make trouble in my life and succeeded to a degree.

Here is a condensed recount of what transpired.

We have to go back to Feb of this year. I was living in this tiny holiday trailer, the only thing good about it was that JC didn’t know where it was. I didn’t have phone reception up there, if my phone did ring it would drop the call so I never answered the phone when I was at the trailer. When I got down to the Husky Gas Station I returned phone calls. So this morning in February I checked for messages and there weren’t any so I called the number back thinking it was a customer, but it went to JC’s voice mail. I didn’t leave a message and hung up immediately. my gut was telling me this can not be a good thing, why would he call, not leave a message and then not answer his phone. Below is an excerpt from a comment he made on my blog in January.

“Any techie can link up with the G P S in ur phone and track where you are….but then he would shadow your calls at the same time.”

I tried to not worry about it but I sensed impending doom.

A short time later I moved to Everglades and was not allowed to park the big company truck in the resort and had to park it on the side of the road outside the park. A few weeks after i moved Colin the mechanic was putting a new deck on my truck when he came up to me and asked if I knew anyone who would want to track me. He showed me a tracking device that he had found under my deck. Apparently they are very easy to attached, it would take seconds, and if a person hadn’t seen one before they would never know it was there, it was the size of a screw.

I had taken my phone to the Rodgers store and asked them if my phone was bugged and they said it wasn’t possible but now I asked Colin and he said most definitely, if the person has the same phone as you it is easier. The person just has to call your number and have you call them back as long as you don’t get a call in between the person will be hooked up to your phone and be able to hear and see everything you do whether you are on the phone or not. I know JC has the same phone I do.

In May I was called into the office at Ccon and told things were not working out, they had my final cheque made out and everything. I was shocked, I had issues I wanted to talk to them about and had been asking for a meeting for weeks, months and I had never had a job description, but I had no idea I was going to get fired without even a warning. I pushed as to why they were letting me go and they didn’t want to say anything at first and then one of the bosses said something about an anonymous phone call, the other boss gave him the death stare and he shut up. I asked “what phone call?” and they told me that I had been seen sitting in the company truck at the Husky Gas Station doing crack cocaine and drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonaide. I was blown away, I told them, “I don’t know what is going on but someone is lying to you.” They said it was a law enforcement officer who called and I asked why he didn’t arrest me then if that is what I was doing? They said he was a fireman. I said, “I have told you that I came from a very abusive relationship and you choose to believe an anonymous phone caller?”

they asked me to leave the office for a minute so they could talk privately and when they called me back in they made me an offer to finance a truck for me and I could pay them back with a percentage of what I made until it was paid off. I thought that was a great deal and started looking for a truck. I hadn’t enjoyed working for them any way and this gave me my freedom again. They wanted a 20 year old, some muscle bound guy that could hump steal 8 hours a day and bring in big loads, and customer service be damned and I can’t work that way.

It has bothered me ever since, who would call and lie like that? It didn’t even make sense, I lived 5 minutes from the Husky whether I was at the trailer or the cabin, why on earth would I sit at the Husky in broad daylight doing drugs and drinking when I could just go home? aside from the fact that I don’t look like a drug addict, act like one nor am I one but it is something that JC has told other people since we split up. But I had no proof……..until………

Some one on here said that they still checked their ex’s activity on the internet just to see what they were up to because knowledge is power and they didn’t trust their ex to not seek revenge even years later. I Googled JC’s most common username and up pops a blog he  has with WordPress, Titled “Disgusted with lady witha truck”

Below is the first post he wrote and in red my come back

“gimme a break!

I quit looking at Carries “ladywithatruck” blog long ago. Her whole premise of “surviving a relationship with a narcissist” and starting over “with nothing” is just so contrived and obtuse that I could not stand to even read it.

I left with a truck that was barely running and broke down the day after I moved. I had $5 and ½ a pack of smokes and moved into a trailer that was a friend of a friends who was a crackhead, (unbeknownst to me because I had never even looked inside the trailer and took my friends word for it being a typical guys place that just needed a woman’s touch) Here are pictures of the place when I moved in.

misc pic from camera 022

the entranceway roof

from phone sept 17 012


misc pic from camera 024

the nicotine stains on the walls

misc pic from camera 028

Laundry room

misc pic from camera 026


misc pic from camera 029


I cried all night and Kato and I slept on the couch. I slept sitting up with my coat on because it was so dirty. I cleaned for a solid week. I wore two pairs of rubber gloves to clean the bathroom and it took me 8 hours just to clean the bathroom. The old guy who had lived there before me chain smoked and the owners mother had died 6 years prior and he hadn’t removed any of her possessions yet. He was a trucker who went away to work for 5 months and came home and did crack for a month twice a year.

kitchen after I cleaned

kitchen after I cleaned



bathroom after 8 hours of cleaning

bathroom after 8 hours of cleaning



I moved in at the end of November and had a tree  up for Xmas

I moved in at the end of November and had a tree up for Xmas



I got a new washer and dryer off of Craig's List that were in great shape

I got a new washer and dryer off of Craig’s List that were in great shape



living room cleaned

living room cleaned

I owed $10,000 for truck repairs and managed to pay off all of it except $3,000 in one year. At one point the fuel pump In my truck packed it In because JC had put dirty fuel in it. I had the shop put a new fuel pump in and JC called the shop and talked them into taking it out because he said he had one and would drop it off the next day. He did not drop it off for a week and when he finally did it wasn’t the right one and I ended up having to pay for having the fuel pump put in taken out and put back in. The whole time this is going on I can’t work and I’m so depressed I took a bunch of pills and called JC to ask him to take Kato in the morning. He never checked on me or called anyone to check on me, or call 911. Luckily I survived.















His post continues

“It is like everything she ever wrote to me, and worse. Because now she ISN’T writing to me….so there is no boundary of truth involved. Now she can imbellish as much as she wants. Now she can totally invent new events, change time periods, omit anything and everything positive and good that I or anyone has ever done for her, and assign malicious intent to anyone she chooses with NO way for anyone to question her, correct her, or challenge her.

I don’t assign malicious intent to anyone but him and I have told the truth, once again a perfect example of a narcissist accusing the victim of exactly what he himself did.

Any question at all of her recollections is automatically deleted and derided. I remember seeing some innocent enough questions to why she was contradicting herself (her blog is a constant source of contradictions and complete opposite accounts) which were met with instant deletions, and her then commenting on the stupidity of those people, and her subsequent blocking of them on her blog, and in the end she took full control over comments….no comment is posted until she has homogenized it.

 I have one question, IF I did delete messages from readers how does he know unless he was the one to write them? How does he know I blocked them? the only person I have blocked any where is him. So that proves he has been in my blog trying to discredit me and is pissed he didn’t succeed, mind you on his blog he named me and my company and had comments set for moderation. I on the other hand do not name him or where he works so obviously do not have my blog in an attempt to destroy him or slander him, but with the intent of saving someone else from the pain I went through. His blog’s sole intent is to slander my good name and destroy my ability to earn a living.

Complete and utter control over the misinformation, and the ability to silence any questions or corrections before they are reviewed by her followers.What a fucking joke. And people are just lapping it up. Now she is canvassing for donations and really playing the woe is me card.

 Yes, after 2 heart attacks (women in domestic abuse relationships are 70% more likely to suffer from heart disease) and being let go because James made an anonymous phone call to Ccon, and considering I devote 4-8 hours a day to answering emails and comments plus writing posts if someone wants to donate I am very grateful. and if he doesn’t visit my blog how does he know I have a donation button?

She is still bullshitting about C Con….she got FIRED because someone caught her smoking crack in her company truck and phoned her boss. Good one! Some times concerned citizens are a godsend.

I told no one, not a soul about someone phoning Ccon because I was waiting to see what happened, I told them it was a lie and I thought it was my ex but I had no proof until he wrote this!! Now I know he did it because how else would he know?

Why am I posting his nasty posts? because I wanted to show how they twist the facts and fabricate stories just to destroy someone. He wrote this post just this past July 2013, we split up at the end of November 2010.  I have not contacted him in anyway in over a year. He is supposedly so happy with his new woman, there is no way anyone can Google his name and get a link to my blog but he is so vindictive he will cut off his nose to spite his face. Maybe he realized that because he has since deleted his blog. I have two other posts he did and I will post those shortly, they will show how they will be saying they love someone one day and the next ridiculing them.

I have to admit though, even all this time after leaving it still bothers me and I want to defend myself. That is how they get to you, he knew I would find it some day and he just can’t leave me alone; he literally has to destroy me in order to be happy and move on.

What a pitiful specimen of a human that is!!

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