My New Job

As you all know I got cut off my disability benefits this week and it left me in a really tight spot. My brother has a construction business and recently took on a huge project (I won’t elaborate in case there are evil eyes lurking) but he is having to hire people and is really having a hard time keeping on top of his receivables, filing, housework, etc he was joking he needed to hire a wife and I said I was available to help him out. That was about a month ago, I went down and cleaned his house one day and helped with some paperwork but nothing was nailed down. So this morning I called him to say that I had to find a job and not to put pressure on him, but if he wanted to hire me he should do it now because I have to find a job. So starting Monday I am his Executive Assistant. I will be doing whatever he needs doing, books, filing, housework, picking up materials, answering the phone, dropping off the bank deposit, dropping off paychecks, making a dump run. A perfect job for me because I am out and about, not behind a desk all day and meeting people, organizing is a specialty of mine and its for my brother. Not that I want to take advantage of him but like he said, I haven’t worked since my heart attack so if I get tired one day and want to knock off early its not a big deal. If nothing else it will top up my hours so I can qualify for unemployment benefits in the new year. I’ll be making $20/hr and I think it will work out really well, I have managed offices in the past, done delivery driving, and can drive any kind of truck up to a 10 ton so I am versatile.

So that my friends is my big news. whew!!! He has lent me money to get through until pay day and he jokingly said, “Better watch out, you just sold your soul to the devil.” 

I replied, “It isn’t the first time I’ve sold my soul to the devil and you don’t scare me, I slept with the devil himself and you got nothing on him!”



22 thoughts on “My New Job

    1. Good for u Carrie, I often wondered where the title Ladywithatruck came from? Now I see! Ull be ok I know this and we still need u on this blog everyday, sorry but u started so quitting is not an option, Ty for all of ur storys and wisdom Shawn from safety harbor fl;)


      1. Awww Shawn, thank you!! that means so much to me, thank you. Have no fear I will still be here, I will not shut up until my dying breath.
        Yes I used to haul scrap metal, I had a big truck capable of hauling 5 tons, I was the only woman on the west coast to haul scrap metal all by herself. I was even written up in The Province Newspaper on the front of their Financial Section in Dec 2008. I loved it!! and did really quite well at it for a number of years even though JC basically destroyed my business because he destroyed my truck. I have never loved a job more! I had my dog Kato with me every day, I got really strong lifting heavy steel, I could work and lift as hard as any man and was respected for it plus I was honest. I had many great customers who wanted to see me succeed just because I was a woman and worked hard. I had 12 years banking experience and 12 years office management then I did a year of full time college study in business management and Marketing; so it was a huge learning curve!! I was the only scrap hauler who wore a blazer and did my makeup every day! LOL
        This job is going to combine all my job experience into one and should keep me from getting bored and my puppy can ride with me everyday again. I was talking to my brother on the phone yesterday and had the phone on speaker, we were talking about work and Kato was sleeping beside me, when he heard the words “work” and “truck” he perked right up and came and stood by me with a questioning look on his face and tail wagging. Like he was saying, “Did I hear you say work and truck?? really? you’re not joking are you?.” he was ready to go right then and there. LOL


  1. I am so happy for you!!!! its funny how things work out. You spend your days helping all of us victims, its time something panned out for you. Karma my friend, Karma!!!!!I am still sending what I promised, by something nice or treat yourself to dinner. You literally changed my life, and I don’t know how I can ever thank you. I realized the other day that I have no cried in weeks, I have not cried in weeks because on NC. He can hurt be anymore!!!!!


    1. Bonnie, thank you so much!! I can’t complain; my life has been picking up ever since the new year. It seems there is always another hurdle but after living with JC, it is easy to find things to be grateful for and nothing seems that bad. It will be a tight couple of weeks until my first pay cheque and then I have to pay my brother back bit by bit, it would be nice to just be caught up and not owe anyone anything, but maybe that can be my goal for 2014. I am happy with my life, even on days I am kinda blue, it is just a normal down day like everyone has once in a while. I am so glad that I was able to turn it into something positive by having this blog. It has helped me immensely too.
      the internet amazes me still, that little old me sitting at my old crotchty laptop could reach so many people and actually make a positive difference in people’s lives is amazing to me. Not that many years ago victim’s of an N would go a lifetime never knowing they weren’t crazy and alone.


  2. You’ve helped me too Carrie.. thank you. I’m not anxious anymore and don’t want to call him. It’s only been 2 weeks, but hey, that’s something…


    1. Kathy, two weeks is everything, without 2 weeks you would never get to one month, two months, baby steps, and before you know it you won’t remember when you talked to him last and would never even consider contacting him. congratulations!!


    1. Kim, thank you!! Its going to be hard to put in an 8 hour day now that I’ve been sitting on my butt all summer but I was getting so bored and depressed just sitting around it will be good for me to be out seeing people etc. and my boss is my little brother, (who can be a pain in the butt LOL but I love him to death and I will get to spend more time with him and my nephew which is always a good thing.)
      I hope all is well in your corner of the world. Hugs xxxxx Carrie


  3. LOL. I’m thrilled and delighted you are doing so well, and that you have kept your sense of humor….slept with the devil indeed! May your future be filled with a laughter, lover and joy! May it be thus for all of us! Yes, there is life after these devils are done with us (or vice versa as the case may be! Linda


    1. Linda thank you!! I am looking forward to working again but it could take a bit of getting used to getting up and out of the house by 8 am. I haven’t had to clock in for a long time. It will be good though, and I if I get tired i can always have a nap on my bro’s couch LOL
      It’s a very special thing for me that he is doing this for me or that he feels confident in my abilities to help him. I always took care of him and ………well……..he kinda took me for granted and didn’t always treat me with respect but I have notice over the last few years he seems to care a lot more about how I am. My mom even noticed. I think the heart attacks and then when I tried to kill myself, it kinda shook him up a bit. When he said to me, “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” and I replied, ” It was almost 6 months ago and so far nothing has happened in my life that has made me say, “thank God I didn’t miss this”.”
      I know he thought about it. I just want to do good for him. I feel very blessed lately, not the big ups and downs and even quite a few hurdles to over come but I am slowly losing that feeling of impending doom that always hung over my life with JC.
      I guess I won’t be short of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.


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