I am not going to bore you all with all the details of JC’s posts but I had to share with you what I consider to be a typical narcissistic train of thought. Once again his comments are in black and mine are in red. This was the last couple of paragraphs of his second post on July 10, 2013.

I met a girl who has totally changed my life. She is kind, loving, positive, attractive, does not drink, smoke or do drugs, she does not condone my smoking and she tolerates my occasional drink, but she is concerned for my health, and the longevity of our future. She is organized, very thrifty, and has helped me finally get on top of my finances and debts.

Note the part about organized, he will refer to it again 3 days later. Helped him get on top of his finances, yeah; I know of $20,000 she gave him 2 months after meeting him and he still owes his step dad, $20,000. So that is $40,000 if he paid his step dad. I paid off almost $10,000 in debt the first year after we split and I didn’t have any one helping me.

On top of that…I love her so much that I cannot begin to describe it. 

He can’t describe it because he doesn’t know what it feels like to love any one.

We are born 2 weeks apart, and we will be 50 this year, and for the first time in my life I am looking forward to a future, with her, instead of just surviving every day, not knowing what crisis was coming, while throwing my time, finances, and affections, into a black hole. (as was a coexistence with CR)

 Pot calling the kettle black as is typical of a narcissist, this statement makes me want to spit nails!!! His time, finances and affection?? I threw up in my mouth when I read that.

This is but a sliver of what is going on, typed at one sitting. There is no way to address the hours and days and weeks of ladywithatrucks completely delusional and fantastic accounts of my life as her evil overlord. All I can say is…..there are 3 sides to every story. And now that I put a second side out there, or a bit of one….I can go back to the awesome life I am starting with MP,

Awesome life he is starting? They’ve been together over 2 years, he must mean restarting. We used to do that all the time too. Something would happen, he would get fired or something and make all kinds of promises of a fresh start, in a new town, a new job. He would profess his love and point out some flaws of mine that if I could get a handle on MY issues he was really ready to make a full commitment. We would move, I would be happy and hopeful because he would have promised to change but then nothing would change, things only got worse and then a year or so down the road we would have another “fresh start” after he got fired and we got evicted and I found a nice place to live and got all set up. I was SO STUPID!! grrrr.

and drive another stake into the heart (that’s why I have heart trouble, he has a voodoo doll he is sticking pins into) of that vile demon from Chilliwack that keeps trying to cause us harm.  Vile demon rotflmao

 Vile demon from Chilliwack? He clearly knows where I live because he has obviously been going into my blog, he knows where I live and it isn’t Chilliwack. But its his attempt at putting up a smoke screen because he has been trying to get me kicked out and if he doesn’t know where I live it can’t be him calling the management board right? He thinks he is so sly.

 It is like when my tire blew on the freeway, it was 3:30 and I am sure he was wondering why he hadn’t heard from me yet, or maybe he was concerned we were dead and he had better cover his tracks but what ever the reason he text messaged his sister and said, “You guys be careful out there”. She said to me I just got this text from JC, has he ever told you to be careful at work? I said no, why would he? I don’t do anything dangerous? She laughed and said, “Watch……our front tire is going to fall off or something.” She wasn’t too far off; we had barely stopped laughing when my driver’s side front tire blew up, severing my brake line, destroying the fender and bending my door. It immediately pulled me to the left. God was with me that day because had I been in the slow lane it would have pulled me right into the traffic. It was rush hour and bumper to bumper. I told Denise to hang on and I managed to keep the truck on the road, an F550 with 3 tons of scrap tied to the deck. There is a steep gully between the highway and the on coming traffic, had we gone off the road we would have rolled and probably either been killed or seriously injured; but I got it stopped and pulled safely off the road. Rubber from the tire was strewn all over the freeway. A young girl parked behind me and came running up to me yelling, “lady,,, that was awesome fucking driving!!” LOL

 We called him and he sounded so concerned and said he was packing up right away and coming to help us. My son had just gotten here from Calgary and went to his shop to wait until I got off work. JC told him what had happened. Kris said JC’s tools were all packed up already but JC dicked around for hours before they left to get us. I just wanted him to single out one of my rear dually tires so I could buy a cheap used tired the next day but he arrived with two brand new $400 tires. I told him I couldn’t afford to pay $400 a tire and he was pissed off. He started to take the back tire off like I wanted and then said he didn’t have the right tool and ended up putting one of the new tires on.

 It was 6 months later he casually mentioned to me that perhaps I should go and get my wheels checked because he had loosened all the lug nuts and my wheels might fall off. I asked when he did it and he said when he had come to rescue me when my tire blew. I said, but you said you couldn’t single out the back dually because you didn’t have the right size wrench to undo the lug nuts, that is why I ad to use the new tire. He said, “Just get them checked. And you might as well get them to check under the engine there are some bolts that hold the cab onto the frame that are missing,”  I asked how he knew that and he said he noticed it while he was under there for some reason, I thought to myself , “Why didn’t you use the wrench you used to take them off to put them back on?” But we were split by this time and I didn’t really want to get into it.

 Sure enough I went to a tire shop and the guy just about crapped his pants. I heard him say Fuck!! And then he called me over and showed me where they had been rubbing. He said it was a miracle my wheels didn’t fall off.

 He says I am trying to cause them harm? Again, in typical narcissistic fashion turning the facts around and accusing me of doing to him what he has and continues to do to me. Calling my work and getting me fired and lodging phony complaints with the management board where I live. In his post he also mentioned that I laid on the couch all day drink my vodka coolers, smoking, doing drugs and eating Tim Horton’s while he worked 24/7 to keep me supplied but I was never satisfied, I was insatiable. Finally he told me I needed to get a job so I knew how much I was costing him. He said he set me up with a truck and customers so I could do scrap but it was too much work so I quit. What a bunch of hooey!!! You know, I would like to give him credit where credit is due because he was a big help in many ways. No, he did not give me customers, the one customer he “gave” me was someone else’s customer and when I started going during the day (instead of in the dark of night like he did) I got shit for taking someone else’s scrap. No, he did not set me up with a truck, I did my own deal on the truck and a guy I worked with gave me a small crane and then another guy gave me the winch and heavy duty crane and I had another guy weld it onto my truck. BUT he did give me pointers on what was what, how much stuff was worth, and helped me load some heavy stuff some times; he was very supportive and encouraging because I knew nothing about scrap.  He ended up using MY contacts and getting better prices for his batteries and scrap because he would use my name every where. For a period of time we both had scrap trucks and he would call me and say there was a bunch of scrap and to come down and he would share it with me. We always loaded his truck first and mine never got loaded. We would use my crane and winch to load his truck and then we would be out of time or some other excuse. He scooped jobs right out from under me!!

 For one thing he knows damn well I used to drink Mike’s Hard Lemonaide, but he didn’t want to say that on his blog because he told Ccon I was drinking Mike’s; the boss even made a note of saying it was Mikes and looking me straight in the eye. I looked him back straight in the eye and said, “Yes I drink Mikes, but I was not drinking in the truck at the Husky, my ex also knows I drink Mikes”. He didn’t say anything then. And I thought how the hell could anyone see what I was drinking from a distance; if I was in deed drinking at all. Why would a responsible citizen see someone doing drugs and drinking and wait until the next day to call the company. Why wouldn’t he call the cops and have them take me off the road immediately so I didn’t kill someone? It is almost funny that he thinks he has covered his trail with these feeble and obvious attempts to cover his ass.

 I don’t know where he lives, don’t have his phone number and don’t know where he works, so how I was causing him harm is beyond me. I am sure he is doing shit to M and saying it is me just to make her believe I am a psycho. I know years ago he put sugar in his own gas tank and said it was his g/f’s ex boyfriend so she would be mad at him. I didn’t think anything of it when he told me that her ex put sugar in his tank until his son was living with us and his son said something about it and JC got defensive. He said to his son, “is your mom saying he didn’t? She knows he did it, she had to help me clean out my gas tank.” The fact that there was sugar in the tank does not prove the guy did it. Tricky little play on words. In general people don’t analyze what other people say and if someone wasn’t paying close attention they would think yeah, he must have done it.  Just like Ccon figured I must have been seen drinking and drugging at the Husky if some guy saying he is a fireman (JC was a fire fighter in Sechelt) and sounding official calls to tell them I was. But if they would have thought about it and just asked me, I could have pointed out why that is such a bizarre statement.

SHe has her blog, and her minions, and they feed off one another.

The only minions I have.

The only minions I have.

He is jealous because I have a following, he would love to have 600+ people following his blog, he has had 3 blogs the first one was in an attempt to raise money for him to go to Sudan and he didn’t raise a dime and never had one follower because he is an egomaniac that bragged about all the women he had lined up and laughed about how gullible we all were. He doesn’t understand that my blog is about narcissism and domestic abuse; he thinks I am just bitching about him but I wouldn’t have the following I do if I was just bitching about my ex. I have a following because people can relate to what I went through and are seeking answers just like me. It is ridiculous to even discuss it I know because he does not have the emotional or mental ability to grasp what I am trying to do. His life is superficial and based on lies and fabrications, to expect him to fathom wanting to help people for the sake of helping people is  an attempt at futility.

 I have MP….and yes….we eat each other once and a while too. She is delicious….but thats another story.

The above statement was meant to hurt me but I just got sick to my stomach. This coming from a 50 year old man, it sounds like something a 15 year old would say. If I was MP I would be embarrassed; how crude.

Below is his post three days later on July 13, 2013.

 moving. Alone again…naturally.

To read the title one would assume this poor man has had to move all by himself his whole life or is single. The truth of the matter is, that every time he and I moved I did the whole move and he disappeared to God knows where. I was forever rescuing his tools and guitars because he had procrastinated so long that we were out of time and he took off in his truck and left his stuff behind.

I lost so much furniture because he didn’t show up when he said he would, or wouldn’t let me load my stuff onto his truck and it got left behind, one time it was left in a pickup truck he had stored at the pit. Then he sold the truck and my stuff got thrown out into the snow. He finally took me up to get it a month later, dropped me off and left. I had to pack my stuff down a long driveway in the snow and then wait in the freezing cold for him to return. When he got back he pulled up and just sat in his truck. I was pissed and told him it would be nice if he helped me. He yelled at me, “Can’t I even eat a sandwich in peace? I haven’t eaten all day.”  I guess he didn’t think I needed food and could live off of the love I had for him.

 The one and only time he was a big help moving was when I was supposed to be buying the house in Saskatchewan that he told me about and the deal fell through at the final hour. He flew out from Alberta and told me to go to bed he would load the truck. I was so impressed because I thought he was staying true to his word and really trying to change. LOL he just wanted to be there when I got the news that the house had been sold, and he wanted to make sure I didn’t back out.

I am loading the last load of SIX….yes….six….loads. We sure have a lot of shit.
Well….she had probably 4 and a half anyhow. Most of my stuff went up on car trailers and in guitar cases.

He can not help himself, he HAS to brag about his vehicles and guitars. To hear him talk he has had over 80 different cars all in mint condition when in reality most of them were scrap cars and not even running. His guitars end up getting pawned and he loses them because he doesn’t pay the pawn shop. Then he gets some money from some where and buys another one, eventually he pawns or sells that one too.  I bought him one for $500 from my son but to hear him tell it I never bought him anything.

Anyhow…the end is in sight…and no one was killed in the process. Now….as long as I can keep a lid on her at the other end….bob’s yer uncle.

This is where I start to feel sorry for her.

Thats how different personalities work….in trying times such as these.

In trying times like these! Oh give me a break ….he sounds like he’s talking about the great depression, they moved for God’s sake! People do it everyday, they just don’t do it with HIM.

She is so organized, and focused…..that she tends to get frustrated and angry….when things invariably don’t correspond with her timeline. (and they never could with the domino setup she engineered)

Notice the not so subtle jab at her. Three days ago being organized was a good thing, but now she “engineered” it to fail. I know only too well what she was probably going through, he made her life hell and then blamed her for everything falling apart when in fact it fell apart because he refused to help or simply disappeared, or just concerned himself with his shit and didn’t help with the household stuff. I can’t help but remember him telling me that she was so calm and rational and how he could talk to her……..not like with me. I had said to him at that time. “I do not want to hear how wonderful M is. When SHE has done 10 years with you and she is STILL calm and rational I might listen, but until then I don’t want to hear it.”

Me? Slow and easy. I made my calculations, checked out what was heavy, what was bulky, and then just started loading. No need to be pissy about things, they are gonna take what they are…..and I just keep a variable ETA in mind, subject to….whatever.

I had to laugh, he just can not help trying to make himself out to be superior. If only he knew how stupid he sounds but I guess some one that doesn’t know him would maybe feel sorry for him having to put up with MP temper tantrums when he is so calm and easy going. Cough cough it certainly would not be like JC to get “pissy” about things. LOL

Meanwhile….It’s been VERY quiet around here. As soon as moving was mentioned….tumbleweeds started blowing up our street and I am sure I saw mothers herding their children indoors.

I know it is none of my concern, and I am going to take my own advice and not waste any time thinking about it but….she owned her house and JC told me when he met her that she would never move from that house. It sounds like she didn’t have much choice in the matter. It would be so like him to some how make her lose her home and that would be tragic. Her dead husband must be rolling over in his grave watching how his life insurance money is being spent after he made sure she was set for the rest of her life.

I can’t help but take a little pleasure in the fact that obviously Miss Calm Cool and Collected is not so rational and easy to talk to now and it hasn’t even been 2 full years let alone 10!! It may be nasty of me but I have to be honest, I LOVE IT !!!!

Oh well….it is said….blessed are those who expect nothing from life, for they will not be disappointed.

That has to be his favorite line; I heard it so many times I could vomit!! What a cop out!! It shows once again how out of touch with reality he is. How can any one get any where in life without expectations, how can you have a relationship without expectations? I used to tell him that he had expectations of me and he would deny it. But he expected me to not get angry with him having personal ads, he expected me to accept that he didn’t come to bed, or call if he was late or not coming home at all, he expected me to be faithful, he expected me to cheat and treated me like I had when it was him that was unfaithful. He expected me to believe his lies and not confront him on his lies or stealing. He expected the neighbors to put up with him revving his car engine at 1 am.

Well, I feel better getting that off my chest.

I know I am not following my own rules, I should not even respond in any way and I know he might read this, but I have stewed about this for a couple of months now and I want him to know I know and I think he is a piece of shit but it didn’t work; he didn’t destroy me. Like he always said, “you can’t polish a turd.” Another thing he used to say was, “I am not going to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person,”  I am not going to try to explain feelings and empathy to a person totally void of a soul.

20 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Break the Rules

  1. Paula

    Your ex is trying to fuck over a widow? So is mine!! Haha! They are despicable creatures with nothing to offer humanity besides the messes to clean up in their wake. Vomit. Vomit. Vomit!


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Paula, oh yeah! within a week of moving in with her he was telling me he was semi retired now. LOL that’s some retirement plan!! I was wondering how long it was going to take him to manipulate her into selling her house or moving. Some how we always ended up in some remote area and me without a vehicle.
      He had her, me and a married woman all on the hook at the same time. he and I had been for dinner and he had said he loved me, (I know better now but I was still hoping at that point) the next day the cops call me to tell me my car is parked at such an such address with the keys in it. (JC was driving my car). So i drove up and it was as residential area so I knew he had to be with a woman. It turned out to be a married woman, so he was busted. That night his car broke down in this one’s driveway and that is where he stayed. She went and packed his stuff and cleaned his pigsty while he was off driving her brand new Pilot.
      two months after he moved in she “lent” him $15,000 so he could get his license back. and 8 days after he proposed to her he showed up at my work crying and professing that he always loved me. Didn’t he tell me? Didn’t I know that he loved me? I said it was hard to feel the love with you standing over me with your fist raised screaming in my face I was a F’n Cunt.
      I started to cry and told him he had really hurt me this time, telling someone else he loves them etc and he said he (I am sure everyone has heard this line before) feels different love for different people. How can he say that with a straight face? Anyway he said, “You knew I had lost my job and had to move.”
      As if that should explain it. and it did. He needed a place to live and free meals, and there she was, a lonely widow waiting for her soul mate to come galloping into her life and fill the empty void in her home and heart.
      I really do feel sorry for her, I hope he doesn’t hit her like he hit me, I think I am pretty tough and he could knock me half way across the room with one punch.

      oh well, nothing I can do about it. if she wants to talk to me she knows where to find me.


  2. Sofia Leo

    Yeah. I apologize. I just couldn’t read that shit – my own dealings with my narc are still too fresh in my mind.

    So he found True Love, did he? She’s better than you in every way? Of course. He never claimed to be perfect and his new love lifts him up, makes him want to be a better man, blah, blah, blah. Same things he said to you, am I right?

    He’s a lying sack of shit. He will bleed her dry, too. I don’t believe one word of his. Kudos to you for getting it off your chest and now let it go back into the void that is HIS life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      sofia, well said.
      we can all predict what happens next, they are so much alike they are boring. But I guess if you don’t have a conscience or empathy, joy or happiness or love in your life you would be boring and end up doing the same thing over and over again.
      I can’t help but think of that song LOL

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  3. missnadinelouise

    I haven’t read it all yet either… But I was just wondering why you read his blog? As you know I’m definately not one to talk, but isn’t that sort of contact???


    1. carrie

      Nadine, I originally Goggled his username to see if I could find anything because I suspected he was behind the call to work. Then phony complaints were made against me where I live and that could get me kicked out. AND the mechanic where I had been working found a tracking device under the deck of my truck.
      I figured he was behind it and thought I had better see what if anything he was saying online. The blog was a month and 1/2 old when I found it and it popped right up when I Googled his user name. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and immediately copied and pasted it to my documents because I was going to sue the son of a bitch.
      I haven’t been back to the blog. This is what I copied that day. His sister tells me he has closed it now. I believe he has hacked into my phone also so would know I was talking to lawyers etc.
      But then I had my heart attack and thought I don’t need the stress and it all worked out for the best for me anyway.
      But it has been eating away at me. He isn’t just bad mouthing me to family and friends he is trying to take my ability to earn a living away. I started having nightmares with him in them and thought I am not going to wait for him to do more damage and decided to deal with it and get it off my chest.
      I kept the posts as evidence should he continue to try to make my life hell. Next time I will sue his ass off.
      Yes like I said I am breaking my own rules but only because I am trying to protect my future. I will not let the son of a bitch take it away from me without a fight. He has taken enough off me.
      I am not reading his blog to find out what he is doing with his life or with his new woman; that just came with the package. I read it to see what he was doing concerning MY Life. I have also always said that a person should never let their guard down with these low Life’s and that they will come back years later and try to ruin a person. I think I am being proactive and smart but I know it has caused me to get angry over him when I wasn’t even thinking about him any more. But I really don’t know what else I could do under the circumstances. Just let him ruin me? Get me evicted?
      I still say no contact in any way is the only way to heal.


  4. ellie2013


    I hope you can put all this behind you now. You got it out, now bury it. Deep down in the pits of hell. Where HE belongs. The truth is, your blog speaks for itself. It helps so many but there are always going to be a few N or not that want to discredit it and you. That is the way life is. HE remembers things one way in his limited view and you remember the truth. I do know, from experience, that THEY will never EVER admit THEY did anything wrong. They were in the RIGHT the whole time. And if no one believes that well, they will just make things up to prove it. My opinion , for what it’s worth, let him think he was right. WHO CARES? The man upstairs knows the truth. 🙂 And HE is watching and taking notes. Ya know those fires JC liked to build? Well, maybe he was just getting ideas for what his future home will look like 🙂 Hope he likes the heat. He can try and convince who he wants of whatever he wants on this earth but there is ONE who KNOWS. And HIS day is coming.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. You deserve the best 🙂


    1. missnadinelouise

      You always know what to say Ellie… We believe in you Carrie, look what you have achieved… He is scum unfortunately but you know that, and so do we… Big hug x


  5. julie

    carrie, i damn sure ain’t “one of your minions”. he is a complete idiot. i don’t blindly “follow” you as a messiah, which is what that idiot is implying of people that follow you. he needs to DIAF. he just can’t let it go, can he. strive on.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Julie, LOL I know that and everyone here knows that and God knows I wouldn’t want that kind of responsibility but he wants it!! That shows how they think about other people. They view the people around them as things to be controlled and he is jealous because that is what he wants. I owed his step dad money (still do owe him a little bit) and after we split and I got a running truck, I started paying him back. He really saved my ass by lending me the money and I wanted to thank him in a special way so I enlarged a picture of my new truck. It had a a big aluminum box on the back so I cut a slit in the picture and tucked $500 in so that it looked like the truck was hauling the money and then I thanked him for believing in me, framed it and gave it to him.
      I guess he thought it was pretty special and was touched by the gesture and appreciation. Shortly after that JC was at their house and his step dad showed him the picture. (JC owes his step dad $20,000 that was supposed to be paid back 3 years ago)
      JC text messaged me right away, “XXXXX sure is impressed with you because you gave him that picture, Good One!!”
      To him it was a ploy on my part and I one upped him or something. I bet some time in the future he will do something similar.
      One one of his fb posts a couple of years ago he got his welding ticket and a new job (which he has since been fired from) and he said, “Now all I need are minions”.
      I laughed when I saw he called everyone here my “minions”. He is so shallow, I can’t believe I used to think he was so sensitive.


      1. julie

        minions, my ex narc said that word too. he used to say crazy shit like he wished he could have a harem of women, but i would be the queen. the more you are around crazy people the crazier you get. i look back at myself, the stuff i tolerated, the slow loss of self esuteem and self respect and can’t believe that was me. i know you get that too, carrie. from what i know of you you may have had some normal teenage insecurities, but for the most part was a sexually confident woman who wasn’t clingy, or jealous, or whatever… you know, the “coolest , easygoing chick around” friendly, outgoing, helpful, not a shit starter.

        over the years the narc wears you down to the point where you think you are nothing without him, you feel if you just be nicer and ‘do what he says” \and don’t make waves he will be that wonderful, cool, amazing man you met in the beginning, say the first year or 2 or 3.

        i look back on THAT man, and it is like he never even existed. he used to be so fun loving, sweet, attentive, sensitive … all an illusion. i had to come to the bitter realization that like your ex, he was NEVER that person. he was always an actor playing a role, as your costar, and you the leading lady. once he “wins” you, over a period of time he treats you worse and worse. it is not like a “normal” marriage or relationship, of course you get “comfortable” with a person sexually and maybe it is not as excicitng, but you WORK on it to spice it up, you WORK on keeping up the sexual part. what happens ( in my opinion) is that the narc literally gets high on endorphins from his “falling in love/ lust” with someone and the excitement of the newness, or illicitness, or whatever . what goes up must come down. it is like the narc starts HATING you because you don’t give hime “butterflies” in his stomach. that is so middle schoolish. they are essentially like thrill seeking little babies, always looking for a new fix….. trust, committment, honesty, loyalty are boring and make you a BORE to the narc. so you try to be exciting but it doesn’t work. i was extremely open sexually and gave him the ultimate freedom and he still discarded me. it is like they are mad and HATE you for being a real human being with needs and emotions. at the end of your time with the narc you don’t even know this person at all. they are colder than ice. like an android. sorry for the rant, but sometimes it helps to get emotions out. i am certainly better than i was a year ago. the biggest thing about the narc is trying to reconcile the wonderful, caring sweet man you had in the beginning to the vicious, violent, selfish, horrible , dishonest man you saw towards the end.


  6. safirefalcon

    Ok I got through to the part where you the brake line in your truck went and how you steered to safety. OMG. I read a comment somewhere else that he’s not a narc he’s a psycho and I gotta agree. That’s messing with someone’s life. And even more effed up…his sister was so nonchalant! Laughing? Not funny. And creepy because then he acts like it never happened.

    Even ONE time doing this would make him a sick POS but he did this several times right?

    And then I skipped down to the part where he talks about how he and his GF eat each other. What a weirdo.

    My ex is about that mature too. No thanks.


  7. Redrose

    Carrie, I COMPLETELY understand why you would want to find out what this low-life is saying on his blog. You have to keep at least one step ahead of them at all times!! I am currently in a relationship with one and document everything and anything I can in order to “check” later when he tells me lies. He actually said one day, ” I love and care about you…no matter what you think, or what anyone might say to the contrary.” Meaning he is already spreading lies and crap about me to other people. It is so obvious what they do… I caught him in a lie the other day about a woman who he claimed a year ago was a friend of a friend…but that he didnt know her. Just happens he said he go het an email from her a couple weeks ago. He read it to me and it said something about her missing their visits. I questioned him about it saying he told me that she was a friend of his friend and that he said he didnt know her. He knew he had been caught in a lie. So he said, “Oh…you misunderstood me obviously.” I will be so happy when I am able to get out of this relationship!! So happy you are posting this blog. It helps those of us who are still dealing with these people on a daily basis as well…

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  8. sally morgan

    for what its worth my narc husband (while we were doing the Christain Love Dare to rebuild our relationship) met a 12 year younger than him woman in a bar, moved her in a week later, and told everyone she was sent to him by God! (Does God tell you to commit adultery/) It never ceases to amaze me the lack of moral compasss-be grateful you got out alive and intact!


  9. The Heretic

    Forewarning: This is going to be another lengthy comment, filled with fun and sarcasm as well as my usual amount of cursing. I just couldn’t resist! 😀

    Don’t you have to have a heart in order to be able to describe your love for someone else?

    How do you call it “putting out a second side” or “your side of the story” when you are just going to delete it? Doesn’t that kind of…you know…deflate the intention of your whole statement of…you know…wanting to supposedly set the record straight? Argument nullified!

    Why does he have to keep a lid on “her”? That makes no fucking sense! Is he afraid she might repeat some of his bullshit and completely deflate his ego in front of someone he actually knows or a relative? If so, I hope she does it.

    “Bob’s yer uncle”? What? What the fuck is that supposed to be? An attempt at being clever? FAIL!

    “Me? Slow and easy. I made my calculations, checked out what was heavy, what was bulky, and said; ‘Fuck that! I am going to bide my time! Fucker off and not do a damn thing until it somehow suits me! Why should I do all that heavy lifting?'” (There you go! I think this is what you meant!)

    “Meanwhile….It’s been VERY quiet around here. As soon as moving was mentioned….tumbleweeds started blowing up our street and I am sure I saw mothers herding their children indoors.” – Is it just me or does this literally sound like something a pedophile would say?

    “Oh well….it is said….blessed are those who expect nothing from life, for they will not be disappointed.” – Is he talking about himself?

    The part about “eating” and “delicious” literally makes him sound like that crazy guy in “Silence of the Lambs” who has the kidnapped girl in the hole in the basement. No! He totally doesn’t sound creepy one bit!

    “I know I am not following my own rules, I should not even respond in any way and I know he might read this, but I have stewed about this for a couple of months now and I want him to know I know and I think he is a piece of shit but it didn’t work; he didn’t destroy me. Like he always said, “you can’t polish a turd.” Another thing he used to say was, “I am not going to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person,” I am not going to try to explain feelings and empathy to a person totally void of a soul.”

    First off; who the fuck is he referring to in this paragraph? This paragraph literally sounds like a prison inmate just rambling on about some random shit that no one really cares about, but he is going to say it anyway because he is bored and there is no one there or the other inmates just keep moving away to avoid listening to him and he keeps moving closer.

    Second; don’t you have to have a soul along with a heart to have the capacity and ability to explain “feelings” and “empathy”?

    Third; could this statement make him sound anymore of a hypocrite than the entirety of the entry already proves him to be as well as deleting the entire blog? Talk about deflating your entire argument in one fell swoop!

    Fourth; hypocrites follow rules? Since when?

    I like how his rhetoric blog towards your’s is shut down/closed.

    LOL. Minions, here we go again.

    Suck my…you know what? Fuck that! I have one better!

    …YouTube…..Steve Vai..Ah!!! There it is!

    I know the entirety of the lyrics of this song isn’t part of my intention, but I feel some parts get my point across.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Michael once again you have such a way with words! Thanks for the great comments. I screwed up though; the last paragraph is mine! Lol sorry I forgot to change the font colour. I can see why it was confusing. The part about you can’t polish a turd was one of his favorite lines and I thought it was a fitting phrase for him. And the part about not having a battle of wits with an unarmed person; that:s what he said to me and I am saying I am not going to try to argue having empathy with a person with no soul.
      No wonder that whole paragraph didn’t make any sense at all; not coming from JC anyway.
      Have a great day!


  10. GemGirl

    Yes Carrie, you DO have a following because, as you write, “people can relate to what I went through and are seeking answers just like me.”

    And you sure have a good sense of humor! I laughed at quite a few lines where you translated the true meaning of Narc language.


  11. Carrie Reimer Post author

    Gemgirl, thank you! I am glad you got a laugh out of it. I love to laugh, and when you think about it a narcissist gives a person a lot of material to make jokes about.



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