I tried this for Connie because she wanted to see Kato be a tricky puppy.

His mind tells him he runs the speed of lightening and I’ll never catch him. We have been playing this game for nine years and I haven’t caught him yet; I never will. 🙂

He jumped down from the bed yesterday morning and his legs crumbled under him and he did a face plant on the floor. You could tell it must have hurt and he had a hard time getting up. It breaks my heart; but if I say, “Do you want help”, he’ll jump right away. He’s very proud and stoic my boy Kato is.

Excuse the poor quality of the video; its hard to hold a camera and try to catch a tricky puppy. Lol

There is life and light after the narcissist, I promise! Hugs Carrie

1 thought on “Watch “Kato the tricky puppy” on YouTube

  1. Connie

    Carrie, thank you for this darling video! I love how he struts around so proud with his tap-tap-tapping up and down the halls. Hilarious. He is absolutely cute. What a face. They love those squeaky things don’t they? My little Westie (Buster) will gnaw on those toys for hours until he can finally “kill” it by disabling the squeaker! Lol….

    I’m still around… I read the posts and hope to return soon. Still taking my “break” from things. Hope you got my email about it all, but really all is fine.

    Hugs to you and [[[[woof]]]] to Kato the Trickster.



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