The Flu

My apologies to everyone who commented lately and their comment sat in moderation for days, I have been deathly ill with the flu and unable to pull myself out of bed long enough to even approve comments. This morning my mom came and took me to the hospital and 3 1/2 hours later I was released with a prescription for antibiotics and basically a clean bill of health aside from the flu. My lungs, heart, blood pressure and all vitals were perfect so I am on the road to recovery but it has been a horrible week. 

I hate being sick so thank the good Lord it doesn’t happen very often, but when I do get sick I go down hard.

Its been very hard for me this time, I have been very depressed, I have been ready walk away from everything because it just all seems too much right now. I am sure I will feel differently once I am feeling better, but right now I miss my little buddy so much. My brother gave me a job but now when he needs me the most I am sick, my son is only 2 hours away and I can’t see him because I don’t want to give him the flu. My mortgage is months behind. Any way, I am going to lay back down. Hopefully I will be back in good form soon.

10 thoughts on “The Flu

  1. Gray Dawster

    Get well soon my sweet friend, influenza is often overlooked by many as an illness but then there are a lot of people just moaning over a simple cold, when one has the real thing then all becomes clear that colds are just something to manage whereas the full blown flu is something else entirely. I wish you very well my dear 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  2. Dia

    Feel better……when we are not well everything seems overwhelming and impossible. It will get better when you are feeling well again. Stay strong.


  3. Brittney

    Oh my goodness, I’m sorry to hear that 😦 I know the flu is awful. I’m sure you’ll start feeling better emotionally once you get back on your feet again. I’ll pray for a speedy recovery!


  4. katy

    wow feel better soon what a he dear Lord lets us know when to take care of “YOU” and also learn how to let some things go! You don’t forget an illness like this xoxo warmth to you



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