Talking About Domestic Violence

I didn’t know this woman personally but I think we can all relate to her life. Please, if you are in a violent relationship or just left a domestic abuse situation; don’t doubt what they are capable of. If you suspect or know someone is in an abusive relationship offer help, don’t then a blind eye.

Deliberate Donkey

In the blogging community, everyone has the floor at the same time. There is no need to take turns, and this can generate conversation like nothing else. No matter the topic, dozens of conversations can happen at the same time.

I adore Rarasaur, and so when she told me about one such conversation, I was moved. Christine Keith, author of  Adventures of a Thrifty Mama, and her son Isaac lost their lives at the hands of her ex-husband, and the blogging community had come together to honor her memory and spread the word about domestic violence and a Memorial Fund and donation drive set up for her surviving children. 

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