Adventures of Kato and LailaMae

I wrote this little short story exactly a year ago. Never ever did I anticipate the kind of year 2013 would be

What’s That Paw?

Pa and Laila went for a walk one sunny crisp day in November, Laila was running past Pa and then back, she would jump and bite his ear, then run off in another direction; never straying too far from her pappa but he walked so slow, carefully sniffing every single tree and bush and she was so excited to be off the leash and running free. There were so many things to see and sniff before momma Carrie discovered they had gotten out of the yard.

Laila darted in front of a passing car without a sideways glance and Pa shook his head (something he did when he was nervous), the sound of flapping skin was audible as he sighed, ” that girl is going to be the death of me if she doesn’t start watching where she is going” he thought.

Laila playfully nipped at the back of her pa’s legs and ran away.

Pa, snapped at her and growled pretending to be angry but he couldn’t stay mad at her, he remembered being a puppy himself a long time ago. He had to admit she was damn cute (a chip off the old block) and loving. After all she is his daughter and it is his job to raise her and protect her, teach her how to get by in the world. He was thinking he had a lot of knowledge to share from his years on this earth when he saw Laila’s crooked little tail disappear into the cat tails as she chased after frog.
Paw watched the cat tails and high grass rustle for a few minutes before deciding he’d better go in there and make sure she doesn’t fall in the pond or something ridiculous. At that precise moment Laila’s head popped out of the cattails, “Paw?”

Yes LailaMay?

Those leaves sure are red; aren’t they Paw?

Paw looked around to see what she was going on about now and saw the flaming red leaves on the trees that lined a nearby driveway.

“Yes, LailaMay They sure are.”


*sigh* …….Yes LailaMay?

What’s that?

Paw was losing patience; gone were the days when he could take a leisurely stroll. “What’s what LailaMay?

That white stuff on the mountain, that stuff that kinda looks like dandelion fluff.

Pa, looked up at the mountains surrounding them and slowly nodded his head, “Ah!!! that would be snow LailaMay.”
Snow Paw?
Yes LailaMay Snow! Paw scanned the mountains; the snow was getting low, it wouldn’t be long now before it would be down where they were. It worried him, but he tried to not shake his head and let Laila see his concern.

No point in upsetting little Laila, besides he and Laila both had heavy coats of fur, it was Momma Carrie that concerned him; she didn’t have fur to keep her warm. Paw sighed,” I sure hope our Momma Carrie finds us a warm place to move to real soon.
Why is that Paw?
Don’t you go worrying your wrinkly little head about it. All I’ll say about snow is; when it gets down here where we are you won’t want to squat too low when you do your pooh.
Don’t squat when I pooh Paw?
You’ll figure it out.
Ok Paw.
Yes Paw.
a couple more things.
Yes Paw
Don’t eat the yellow snow.
Laila looked puzzled but said, Yes Paw.
LailaMay, when it gets really cold you and I are going to have to keep Momma Carrie warm at night because she doesn’t have fur. I’ve been thinking I could lay along her back and you can lay against her tummy. That should do the job”?
Sure Paw! I love to snuggle momma’s tummy. I like that job!”
Good girl Laila May”. Paw turned to head for home. “Laila ??” “Yes Paw?”Will you PLEASE quit chewing on my ear?
Sorry Paw.

*sigh* Yes LailaMay?

Nothing Paw……………………….

I love you.

I love you too Laila May. Paw didn’t like to admit it but God he loved that little girl and Momma Carrie of course, but Momma Carrie knew that already.
Side by side Paw and Laila trotted back home just as Momma Carrie realized they had escaped the yard and started frantically calling for them. “KATO!! LAILA!!
Laila quickened her pace but Paw slowed down. “Paw, we’re in trouble, hurry up, Momma’s calling”.
“Laila, time for a little life lesson.”
Laila stopped, “Yes Paw”.
“Never come right away when Momma calls, she’ll think she is the boss and can tell us what to do. Even if you really want to go to her, pretend you don’t hear her and take your time.”
“But why Paw, it just makes her angry?”
“Because its fun Laila May” chuckled paw as he stopped to smell something on the side of the road.
LAILA!! KATO!!! WHERE ARE YOU??? Momma screamed.

Paw chuckled “Good girl LailaMae” as Laila looked around as if she thought she heard something and then pretend she didn’t hear Momma calling, just as she had seen him do many times.
“She ‘s a fast learner” he thought, “Yep, a chip off the ol block that girl”.

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