Empaths, apaths and sociopaths

Another gem from my neighbour Lou.



7 Replies to “Empaths, apaths and sociopaths”

  1. Thanks Carrie for reposting this. I think I’m following Lou now since you’ve re-posted other things from this blogger.

    This particular article taught me a couple new things I hadn’t been able to put together rationally before. I didn’t know that there was such thing as an apath. And one of these completes triangulation so well for a sociopathic person.

    This explains a ton about my screwed up family dynamic. So thanks again for making available a link to an article that has just opened up my eyes a bit wider today.

    Love and hugs.


    1. Safirefalcon, I really appreciated this article also. its everything I already knew but they explained it in such a way that it really made sense. I don’t get many aha moments any more but the part about the apaths made a ton of sense and it was the first article that didn’t make the empathy sound flawed in some way, like it is wrong to be empathetic. It explained a lot about my past also.
      Glad you got something out of it;
      love and hugs back at you


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