Those Eyes


The puppies don’t live with my son because his room mate didn’t want nine puppies in the house. Gee, what’s she got against puppies?? Haha I can’t really blame her lol.

But she went away for Christmas so my son brought my puppy, Stella home with him for the holidays. He has been treating (or teasing) me with pictures everyday.

Is that not the most adorable face you have ever seen? He said she is a real snuggle bug. Always right beside him on the couch.

He takes her out every two hours and she hasn’t peed in the house and sleeps in the kennel with her mom at night without any trouble and no messes in the morning.

He has taken her to work with him and she found herself a corner behind his tools to lay down and stays there until he takes her outside to do her business but when they are home she stays by his side.

I asked if he puts her on a leash outside and he said she doesn’t need one; she keeps an eye on him the whole time and never goes too far.

I want her NOW!!

There is life and light after the narcissist, I promise! Hugs Carrie

8 thoughts on “Those Eyes

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Sofia Leo, she is 🙂 I am so excited I am about ready to go get her myself, almost, except I would have to go over the mountains and don’t have snow tires so I will wait.


  1. safirefalcon

    Oh so cute! She’s gonna get big. I haven’t read the original post about her but saw the pic. So I knew who you were talking about in your comments back to me in your Knock at the Door post.

    Anyway…9 puppies means no sleep, so I don’t blame here either. Even one puppy means not a lot of sleep. Lol. 🙂 But she will be a great guardian and she is beautiful. It’s interesting how puppies don’t go far away when you take them out. I’ve seen that too. I wonder if that’s most puppies? I used to pet sit and I had only come in contact with a couple puppies but they were like that too…always staying close to me.

    Are you not able to have her yet because she’s not old enough to be separated from Mom dog? And who is the tortoise shell dog in the background?


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Safirefalcon. the brindle dog beside her is my son’s dog the mother of the puppies, Kiya. The reason I can’t have her sooner is because the airline doesn’t fly dogs during the Christmas season because they are too busy, it makes sense and I wouldn’t want something to happen to the puppies because they were busy and careless or something so I will wait. Kiya hasn’t been with the puppies since my son got home from working in BC, aside from going to visit. the owners of the male dog that sired the puppies took Kiya and the puppies right away and my son just left her there, then he came to work in BC for a month and when he got back the puppies were eating solids and able to be without the momma so he took Kiya home and left the puppies there. I thought that was a little early to take them away from momma but they go to visit almost every day and they kept the puppies and didn’t let anyone take any until they were vaccinated and dewormed which was on the 19th and they were 8 weeks old then. So she will be about 10 weeks old when I get her.


  2. safirefalcon

    I am so excited for you. I hope you take lots of pictures and post them so we can all see her grow.

    Did I see somewhere that you wrote that she’s a Mastiff? Sorry. I thought I saw that but not sure.



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