Bella Stella


I have been trying for over an hour to post a video of the girls and it is just not going so I will try a photo.

I am doing it through my phone because I don t own a comera or video recorder so the his quality of them are not great.

The girls are so sweet and such ddifferent personalities. Stella is a bruiser, way braver then Maggie, Maggie sits back and waits until Stella checks things out and then she will cautiously venture out.

I left them both at my brothers last night because I thought they’d had a traumatic enough day and needed to be together for the first night.

My brother and I are going to just wait to see who’s dog is whose because we both want both of them. So for now, until we see which dog fits better where; we are sharing them. I will bring one of them home tonight but I will be spending almost as much time there as I do at home because now we have a real office set up (will have set up) at his new house.

But this is Stella.

There is life and light after the narcissist, I promise! Hugs Carrie

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