Let Sleeping Dogs Lay

Bella Stella and Maggie Mae won’t be able to share this bed for very much longer.

I think my brother described them the best when he was talking to someone on the phone and told them he had just gotten some “paws with a puppy attached”.

They gallop around the house, thump thump thump as their paws flop on the floor, their long ganglely legs not quite coordinated enough to keep them going straight so they bounce off a wall now and then and the last step usually has them doing a face plant.

Stella is so much bigger and adventurous, she is a curious George but Maggie Mae is cautious and observes her surroundings carefully, she jumps at loud noises and pretty much waits for Stella to tell her its safe to come out and play.

Maggie is actually a little under weight but she is smaller boned too.

Its interesting to see how they relate to each other, when I picked them up at cargo the kennel they were in was right near the door and all I could see was two tiny golden lumps of fur and four really big sad eyes. The weren’t barking or whining; they were scared to death. Mind you I haven’t heard either one of them bark, growl or whimper.

I put the kennel in the car and parked off to the side. I opened the kennel door and Stella came right out but little Maggie was pushing herself up against the far back corner of the kennel. Stella climbed on my lap and was vibrating she was shaking so bad. The kennel reeked of urine and the towel Kris had put in there was dripping wet with pee. The poor things were in there for almost 10 hours because of flight delays. I took the wet towel out and put an old vest I had in to car in the kennel for them to lay on. The vest had a phony fur lining so was nice and warm. I put Stella back in with Maggie for the ride to my brother’s.

We packed the kennel out to the backyard and opened the door so they could come out when they were ready. It didn’t take long for Stella’s head to poke out. Gingerly she put one paw at a time on the grass. She stepped all the way out and ran back into the kennel and when out again and took the longest pee in history. She started sniffing and exploring, not venturing too far from Maggie. Poor little Maggie was glued to the back of the kennel and struggled when I tried to pull her out.

Stella kept going back and trying to entice her out. Finally dainty little Maggie’s shaking little body slowly emerged from the kennel. Stella pulled her all the way out and they rolled around on the grass before they bounced off kicking up their heels. It must have felt so good after being cooped up for so long.

We gave them some food and water outside and they gobbled down the food barely taking a breath or time to chew. They were soooo thirsty too.

In the house they cautiously sniffed around keeping close together. They found the bed and climbed in. Stella would venture out and when she knew it was safe go back and entice Maggie to come with her.

Stella will run to the door so she can go outside to play, Maggie has to be packed outside. Stella makes sure Maggie’s bum is clean and lets Maggie eat first no matter how hungry she is. Just like a protective sister would do.

Today they were a lot more relaxed than last night and would come to me for pets and puppy kisses. They are both such loves and so well behaved. They just lay in bed together watching what’s going on. Stella will investigate a noise, Maggie’s waits in the bed for Stella to come back with her report.

I left them both at my brother’s again tonight, I want them to be totally comfortable with everything before I introduce anything more new to them. Then I am going to bring both of them home so they won’t have to be apart. Maggie has never been away from all her siblings so she would be scared and lonely by herself.

I still don’t know what one I will eventually end up with. Really doesn’t matter to me but I think Stella is going to be a bit of a handful and Maggie will be the timid one. Maggie gets scared of loud noises and voices; Stella comes running to me also but Maggie climbs right up on my lap whereas Stella will come to me and when go investigate. I think Maggie would be better in the park just so people won’t be afraid of my dog attacking any one or thing.

I am so in love with them both, my son doesn’t care which one I take. I think I am swaying towards Maggie. She layed her head on my lap tonight and fell asleep as I stroked her head.

My brother is just as in love with them as I am, he even suggested we each have both of them for a few days and share them that way and at first I think that is best for them but I think I am going to be spending some nights at his house just to cut back on my travelling time.

we will see.
Happy happy happy!!!


There is life and light after the narcissist, I promise! Hugs Carrie

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