Proof that Wheaties can be lifted with magnets – Natural News Forensic Food Lab

Ok this has absolutely nothing to do with narcissists or psychopaths;
…………no wait maybe it does!

This is a video proving Wheaties as metal shavings in it. I got the video through one of many sites I get info from, I can’t remember the site’s name right at the moment. It is a “health news” type site.

Anyway, the fellow made a video showing a test proving Wheaties cereal has metal in it. The Wheaties stick to a magnet.

Now some people may not know how a magnet works. If you haven’t worked with metals you have no reason to know this, but the only thing that sticks to a magnet is metal; not plastic, not wood, not copper or aluminum, only steel or tin, that kind of thing, will stick to a magnet. Try it yourself sometime.

Now, how would this possibly have something to do with narcissism or psychopaths?

Well, if you think about it, who could live with themselves knowing their product contained metal shavings? Only someone who is without a conscience and is so selfish he doesn’t care how his actions impact others. Sounds rather narcissistic to me.

Narcissists are not confined to the romance arena they are every where and screw over everyone equally. We tend to focus on the narcissist who breaks hearts because that is what we know but they are just as volatile and dangerous as bosses, politicians, pastors, cops, investment advisors, you name it. They are more than willing to screw over anyone who has something they want or can get them what they want.

If that means polluting the earth, causing wars, or poisoning our food they will do it.

There is life and light after the narcissist, I promise! Hugs Carrie

2 thoughts on “Proof that Wheaties can be lifted with magnets – Natural News Forensic Food Lab

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Michael, let me know what happens, it sure looks legit to me but kinda hard to believe a company would purposely put metal into a cereal but then I guess the think they are being honest because the box probably says “great source of iron” or something”. but if it was an accident they would investigate it not just deny it. Typical narcissistic response deny deny deny



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