A Three Legged Chihuahua Uncovers Lie

Just a short story (yeah, right me, tell a short story!) well I can try. It’s a story about how the truth always comes out, it may be months or  years down the road but eventually the narcissist is found out.

There were numerous times I knew JC was lying but he would deny it so adamantly I would eventually stop trying to get to the truth and wait, knowing eventually he would say something or some tidbit of truth would reveal itself and I would have the facts. Often times it served no purpose except to prove to me that I was not crazy or paranoid. If I confronted him on anything past a day I was accused of living in the past and not letting thing go, of course how could I let things go if I never knew the truth to begin with but we have all been there, I don’t have to tell you.

ImageAnyway, JC and I were split this last time but as usual still seeing each other occasionally, he had asked me to stop by, I think he wanted me to insure the car for him again, so I stopped by his place after work. I knocked and walked in like I always did and was surprised to see how clean the place was, I mistakenly thought maybe he had cleaned it knowing I was coming over, silly me. I was taken aback to see him sitting there with something that resembled a barking rat wrapped in a blanket on his lap. Kato backed away hesitantly and then approached with caution, apprehensively he leaned forward to try to sniff whatever that thing was on JC’s lap  and it lunged from the blankets, teeth barred, snapping, growling and clawing trying to rip Kato’s face off. He and I both jumped back as JC grabbed it before it could do any damage. I asked, “What the hell is THAT?”

He proudly announced it was his new dog. A dog? This was not a JC type dog, JC was a Kato kinda dog person a pit bull or something manly NOT a Chihuahua. (please no nasty letters from Chihuahua owners I am sure they are wonderful dogs just not what I would have pegged JC to own) I knew there had to be a story behind this so waited. The thing was still growling and trying to lunge at Kato so I put him in the truck for his own safety.


“He has gotten really attached to me” says JC

“Do you have to hold it all the time?”

JC: “Well, it helps.”

Me: “What?to  keep it from chewing your leg off?…….. speaking of legs, isn’t he missing one?”

According to him, he had been lonely and missing Kato so went looking for a dog in the classified and this is what he found, a 3-legged Chihuahua. He said the previous owners had rescued it from California but it didn’t get along with their other dogs, no shit, Sherlock!

I commented on the place looking really clean and he offered me a Mike’s Hard Lemonaide that was already open on the table. I declined, somehow I knew he hadn’t opened it for me. The 3 unopened ones sat on the counter, and he said he had bought them for me weeks ago.

Me: “Then why are they here and not at my place?” and I helped myself to an unopened bottle.

He then told me that the woman who had owned the dog had dropped it off last night. Now it all started to make more sense. He had cleaned for the woman who brought the dog, he made sure to tell me she was married. But you know when you just KNOW you are not getting the whole story? besides the fact that I was talking to JC and NEVER got the whole story, something was fishy.

A few weeks went by, he stopped in at my place a couple of times, once to bring me a radio, which happened to me mine anyway even though he said he got it for me and another two times to borrow money. Then he called one night and asked if I wanted to ride with him in the work semi to go rescue a company driver who was broken down in the interior, I asked if he still had the 3-legged Kujo and he did so I said I didn’t think it would be a very good idea seeing as I would have to bring Kato but if he wanted to stop on his way through for supper I would make him a nice dinner.

I made a wonderful meal of shrimps on pasta and put together a road side emergency kit because the weather was really bad and he was heading into storms. I had snacks, a thermos of coffee, candles, a blanket, matches, some fruit, enough to sustain him if he went off the road and didn’t get out for 24 hours. He had parked up at the top of the driveway because he couldn’t bring the big truck into the trailer park where I lived, so I walked up to the truck. I opened the passenger door and Kujo flipped out again.

Me:”Lovely dog”

JC: “I think I am going to take it back, it just puked all over the truck and I can’t take it with me. I just called and I have to run to Mission to take it to the people I got it from.”  I didn’t smell or see any signs of puke but wasn’t going to talk him out of taking the dog back.

I said ok, I would hold supper for him and to get back asap. He went to kiss me and Kujo would have none of it so he left,

I waited and waited, no JC and no answer when I called so I ate supper, shrimp does not “hold” well. Finally a couple of hours later he shows up looking preoccupied. I asked what took him so long, I had eaten. He said he wasn’t hungry. He said that the people lived on the other side of Mission and the husband had even met him to get the dog and it still took that long. I thought to myself, he doesn’t seem to happy about the husband coming to get the dog. hhmmmmm

He went on his way and never offered for Kato and I to come along now that he had unloaded Kujo. oh well.

A few more weeks went by and I got the call from the cops about the car and I found JC at some married woman’s place which he of course denied was married. But he had hidden behind the fence and had his hoody pulled tight around his face and kept looking around like he was afraid to be seen.

Time goes by, I forget about the 3 legged chihuahua and then my neighbor, who didn’t have the internet tells me a friend of hers just lost her little dog and would I mind looking on the internet for a free small dog for her friend. I said sure no problem. That night I Google Free small dogs in the Fraser Valley area and what pops up but

Three-legged Chihuahua needs loving forever home. rescued from California, not good with other dogs and the name and a phone number.

Well, isn’t that interesting, how many 3 legged chihuahua’s do you think would live in the Fraser Valley? my guess is not too many. I clicked on the provided link and there is Kujo sitting on some other man’s lap.

I did a reverse search on the phone number and what do you know? the address is the same as where the car was parked when the cops called me.  Coincidentally the name in the ad was the same name as JC had said in his blog was the woman who could very well be the last woman he ever loved and then 2 weeks later found the love of his life in Surrey.

You just can not trust a 3 legged Chihuahua.Image

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