I have a huge confession to make, I am in love, in fact I am a little obsessed and I am just not getting over it, I Google their name to get any info on them that I can, I download pictures, I am so in love I feel I have to write about it.


I will start at the beginning, I was at my girl friends and she said, “If they don’t win I am going to throw my cell phone through the TV.” I asked what the hell she was talking about and she played a video for me. And that is when the attraction started, I was hooked big time.

I think half the world is sharing my obsession with Alex and Sierra, the winners of X-Factor 2013, which not only saved my friend’s cell phone and TV but warmed the hearts of 1/2 the world. If you don’t know who I am talking about Google Alex and Sierra and watch their performances on X-Factor. I have never seen any contestant on any of these type shows bring the judges to tears as many times or get more standing ovations from the audience and judges than Alex and Sierra.

They are an extremely talented couple, no doubt; but I think a large part of the Alex and Sierra craze is people are in love with their love. I know I am. They give me goose bumps, they make me cry and they make me believe in love; I want them to be successful in their musical pursuits but more than anything I want to see them continue loving each other. And I don’t think I am alone, I think the world needs a love story right now.

With all the heart ache I read every day from people coming in here, (and I just woke up from another bad dream about James) I need a love story to believe in, because I believe in love. The world isn’t doing well right now, disasters every where, bad weather, wars, narcissism growing at an alarming rate, people saving themselves and be damned with everyone else. It is refreshing to see love, plain, simple. old-fashioned love, no fan fare, no ulterior motives, no games, people need to believe love isn’t just a nice fairy tale.

I know I do.

Apparently they met 2 years ago, Alex was sitting on the tail gate of his truck playing his guitar singing the Jason Mraz song, “I Am Yours” and as Sierra walked past their eyes locked just as he sang the words, “I am yours” and the rest is history. Alex sang and played guitar on stage and Sierra would go to watch him and started singing a bit of back up, always slipping off the stage as soon as she was done. The song they auditioned with was their own version of Britney Spears “Toxic”, a sultry rendition with the chemistry between them palpable. I was hooked and so were the judges. I loved Simon’s face, the look of surprise, the judges the audience came alive as everyone realized they were looked at something truly special.

Christina Aguilera, just released “Say Something” where she collaborates with A Great Big World; the radio plays it constantly lately, Alex and Sierra did their rendition on X Factor and sorry to say they outshone Christina Aguilera, Aguilera and AGBW sound flat by comparison.

I can’t wait for their first album to come out, I haven’t been this hyped about a vocal artist since I don’t know when, probably Neil Diamond when I was in my teens.

ImageIt isn’t just that they are talented with an edge to them, I want more of their story. They are both very good-looking people, Alex has this sexy way about him and Sierra is sweet, with these big doe eyes and they never take their eyes off each other. Alex was confident enough in his masculinity to show his tender side and you could tell Sierra relied on him heavily in the beginning and he was there for her with a kiss on the forehead or hug when she cried but as she grew more confident he was proud to see her blossom and let her shine. They demonstrated what love is supposed to be and I hope success doesn’t change that for them, They are young, both only 21, I pray they cherish what they have and they seem to; because it is so special.

So that is my confession, at 55 I have a love crush on this young couple, no kidding, I love their love for each other.


2 thoughts on “I Am In Love – With Toxic

  1. ellie2013

    LOL Carrie. I must live under a rock 🙂 Never heard of them. And I wish them well. You’re right the world needs a love story but in this day and age I would settle for a ” success story” . They “survived” fame and fortune and the music industry and still remain honest and supportive of each other 🙂 Only time will tell………..

    Sorry you dreamed of JC. It was bound to happen though. Dusting off those old stories will trigger the subconcious. I truly believe the more we talk about them, even the BAD things gives them a footing in our psyche. Like an almost dead plant that gets a splash of water. The root revive a little. Even though the plant is mostly dead. I am at a point in my life I prefer not to be reminded of anything about my xnh. It happened, I survived and it is done. It is an OLD story.

    Hope the dreams are better tonight.



    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Ellie, If they succeed it IS a love story. That’s what I said. Or should I have said a “happy” love story? To me we all have a love story, just not a happy one so I guess I needed to be more specific.
      Yes I am sure going over old posts brought on the dream. I am trying to organize things here because I am going to have to make a tough decision soon, I just haven’t done up the post yet.



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