I Have Been Hacked

I can not believe this!! I am SO upset I could cry!!
Yesterday at some time some one got into my gmail account and changed my security settings and then closed my account so I can’t even access it by answering my security questions.
They must have accessed my WordPress through my email and sent everyone an email asking for money.
God I hope no one believed them, I doubt it because anyone who knows me would know I don’t have the money to go to the Ukraine.
This is such a nightmare because when I had to give back the laptop I sent everything I wanted to keep from the laptop to my gmail and thought whenever I got another laptop I would download it.
I am supposed to be published in a magazine in March and the contact info they have is that email and I have lost all my contacts.
I have tried and tried to get into my account to no avail. You would think gmail would be able to go back a day and bring up my old security info and know it is me. What good is security info if someone hacks your account and changes it.
I am so sorry you all have been spammed. Your email was not intended to every be used for spam, I don’t even use it.
I could cry.
I had the start of my book saved to gmail, tons of stuff.
I am going to see if there is someplace I can report this and they can trace the IP address and catch these assholes.
I am so frustrated.
Please do not believe any email from ladywithatruck2011@gmail.com!!!!!!

There is life and light after the narcissist, I promise! Hugs Carrie

8 thoughts on “I Have Been Hacked

  1. missouriflower

    I am so sorry to hear this Carrie. :>( I would suggest in the future to invest in a small storage media device like a SCAN disk or USB drive…download everything on them, and you should be okay. I have both and they are wonderful. Store a lot and cost very modest if you catch them on sale. Most expensive was my USB at $6.00 USD or converted $ 6.58008 CAD for 8GB data storage . Hope you fix your GMAIL account soon. Maybe the people at Google can help? Big hugs!


  2. ellie2013

    for your info: The e-mail that they have to respond to is same e-mail but at Yahoo. Don’t know if that helps. So in other words the spam comes from the gmail addy but goes back to a yahoo. A yahoo one must have been created to catch the responses . It will be ok. Call google. Perhaps they can help. And notify yahoo.


  3. Tracey

    It came through on my private email too Carrie after I’d replied to the message you sent me. Didn’t believe for one second that it was you though so no worries.I did try to tell you about it but my email bounced back as undeliverable so I guessed your account had been hacked. If you didn’t get my reply I’ll send it to your new address if you forward it to me. Big hugs crossing the Atlantic for you lovely lady x


  4. StrongerSoulSurvivor

    So sorry that this happened to you. I’m sure if you mentioned your very public blog, Google may suddenly find ways to retrieve your account for you. It’s all backed up on their servers somewhere. Please let us know how you get on.



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