2Cellos – Freaking Amazing

I just discovered these guys tonight and can’t stop watching them, do yourself a favor and watch more than one of their videos. These guys are amazing. They are from Croatia, put a video on Youtube, Elton John saw them and Ellen saw them, now they now play with Elton John’s band and have been on Ellen twice. The first time they were on Ellen was the first time they performed live in front of an audience. They seem  like great guys too. Love to see people succeed at something they love.


2 thoughts on “2Cellos – Freaking Amazing

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      are they not simply awesome Peter? I listened to them for a couple of hours last night. I have never seen a cello played like that! and they are young personable good looking guys, they are going to revolutionize music. Did you listen to the Elton John interview? He said he hadn’t seen or heard anything like it since he saw Jimmy Hendrix. With Elton John backing them they have got it made.



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