Why Won’t the Narcissist Psychopath Leave Me Alone?

No Contact – explained clearly and concisely.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

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This is a common question among those who are thinking of leaving or have left an emotionally abusive partner (Narcissist, Sociopath, Borderline, etc.)  While some exceptions exist, the main reason that a Psychopath won’t leave someone alone is because their target hasn’t implemented No Contact in its true form.

For example, I often read on forums that someone has been “No Contact” for x-number of days, but then they receive a phone call, an email, or a Facebook message from the person they’re trying to get away from, which of course keeps them in a state of confusion and doubt.  (The only reason an Ex should have an open line of communication is in the case of shared custody, and even then, there should only be one).

If there is a way for the Psychopath to contact you, then you haven’t gone No Contact…you’ve gone “No…

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2 thoughts on “Why Won’t the Narcissist Psychopath Leave Me Alone?

  1. missouriflower

    There’s a lot of truth there. Going no contact is tough, but it can be done. I’ve never been hoovered. (I suspect my ex has a grudging respect for me in spite of himself!).

    After the D&D, all my email addresses were changed (I also put in rules in my email client that would immediately permanently delete anything with his name attached. I got all new phone numbers. The home phone isn’t even in my name! I blocked him on the social network sites, or simply closed the account completely.

    But I didn’t stop there, every place (except one that is in my name but he is blocked from being able to see or contact me on it!)…what I was going to say I started boogering up information on me out there, using phone names, dates, using non ID photos which is very common! Changing names, DOB, location to fool the search engines.

    It was kind of funny a while back, one of those popular sites offered to change or remove my info for a fee! Ha! What info did they have on me? A partial photo of someone not me, showing 10 years younger, and living in another town! So, no, it wasn’t necessary!

    Take care of yourself!


  2. Carrie Reimer Post author

    Linda, I had one of those sites offer to remove a nasty comment about me from their site for a fee. LOL yeah right. They used my FB profile pic and I read the comment. It was a generic “I would never trust her” “She screwed me over” type comment with out any specifics or a name. I wasn’t too concerned. Anyone that knows me would never believe it anyway. Even when JC slandering me he got too carried away, to the point of unbelievable and once again, people who know me would never believe it but the ones who don’t know you, the N can be very convincing and they can ruin a person’s life.



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