Sociopaths are The Kings and Queens of Miscommunication (No. That’s not a compliment.)

I know everyone is going to be able to relate to this post of Paula’s. It actually made me nauseous remembering.

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In all relationships, we sometimes find ourselves unable to get out what we want to say. Sometimes we say the absolute wrong things at the absolute wrong times. This is normal and expected, because no one is perfect, especially in how we communicate.

Unless you’re a sociopath.

Sociopaths believe they are King and Queen communicators. Everything they say, in their minds, is expressed perfectly and flawlessly. You just need to shut up, listen and comply. No talking. No, no, no. Shame on your for talking.

These King and Queen communicators are quite delusional, don’t you think? Their communication approach of shutting out the voice of “the other” goes against everything we know and understand about healthy communication:

1. It takes (at least) two people, two voices, to have a conversation.

2. If a conversation’s interpersonal communication efforts repeatedly fail, the conversation fails.

3. If conversations between two people repeatedly and…

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