Regret Is Best Served With Lots Of Ketchup


Here I am, on the night of my 56th birthday and I feel like an old sage, (or at the least old and saggy) like I should have some profound words of wisdom to have reached this age, after all it is more than 1/2 a century. I am definitely way more than 1/2 way through my life.

From the amount of grey hair I have, I should be so damn smart that people are lined up at my door waiting for me to impart them the meaning of life.

I looked, there’s no one out there.

I guess word got out that for all my life experience I am better at telling you what NOT to do, instead of what to do.

When my son got married, he said to me in that sweet-naive-know-it-all kinda way 20 year old’s have, “I am not going to be like you mom, I am only getting married once.”

My reply had been, “Look, maybe you won’t come to me for advice on how to make a marriage last, but if you ever want to know what not to do, I’m your gal.”

Sometimes I think knowing what NOT to do is more

important than knowing what to do.

There you go, that’s it, after over 50 years that is the extent of my profound wisdom. Make sure you pin it to your Pinterest!

btw, my son is now divorced. Maybe he should have come and asked what not to do. I would have said,

“Don’t marry her, she’s not right for you.” But would he have listened?, not likely.


That’s the way life is, you have to make your own mistakes and hopewaiter

to God when you screw up and you are choking on your own words

there is someone there to say,

“For dessert we have humble pie, it goes down better with ice cream.”


6 thoughts on “Regret Is Best Served With Lots Of Ketchup

  1. janyceresh

    Happy Birthday! 🙂 I sincerely believe that I have learned more from my screw ups than by my successes. And no body could be a better teacher of what not to do than our own crazy selves.


  2. ellie2013

    I always say , when asked what it is that I want out of life ( and and am more than half way through it too ) I have absolutely NO clue what it is I want, just know what I don’t want. I have a feeling the best part of the journey is the second half 🙂 Hell, at least this far into it , we are well prepared for almost anything and have been hurt enough to really appreciate the “good things”. , to smile more, pray more ( and mean them ) and appreciate “life” in a way we could not have in the first half.

    Here’s to experience and learning from it! Cheers!


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Ellie, like I said a few comments ago. It doesn’t take much to make me happy on my birthday any more, just not having some asshole trying to ruin it is a gift in itself! and You are so right I have such a new appreciation for life that I don’t think would have been possible if not for the trials and tribulations of the 1st half of my life.
      Lesson learned with no intention of ever taking a refresher course!


  3. The Heretic

    Well, they may not be lining up to your door for you to impart the meaning of life, but judging by the amount of comments you do receive you do have a lot that are lining up in your comments section to share with you their experience, and letting you know that your blog and what you write (have written) about has had a profound effect on them, giving another person a way to deal with the same/similar things that you have gone through and experienced, and possibly empowering them with being able to find their own voice and maybe allowing them to fight back for the purpose in life again. At least that is how I view it from my point-of-view. I think that is the most profoundly positive thing you have done, and probably scares the pants off of he who is just pathetic (Hey! If you are reading this; you are still an asshole!), as well as many more.

    Mind you, I am only speculating since I am only seeing it from my viewpoint from my side of the screen.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Michael, as always you put a big smile on my face! Thank you for that lovely comment. I have met so many wonderful people through this blog and I think it goes both ways, I have received so much from it, it;s hard to imagine I have given back as much as I have gotten, but it is gratifying to know that I have made a positive difference in people’s lives. And your point of view is always smack on the truth from my experience. Ha ha yeah JC still pays a visit once in a while, I have a tracker on the blog so I know when he comes in. He can’t comment because I blocked him but he can still read. Three years later and so damned happy with his new life. go figure, some people just can’t let go I guess.
      Hugs to you and your mom and family



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